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Myanmar Soda Fight Relevant For Doing Business In China.

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I just love this article.  For so many reasons. The article is entitled, Quenching your thirst on road to democracy: Coke, Pepsi wage war in long-isolated Myanmar, and I like it for the following reasons: It reinforces what we have been saying about Myanmar (see Myanmar Foreign Investment. Difficult And Expensive, But Opportunities Are There). … Continue Reading

Asian Megacities. Seoul vs. Shanghai vs. Beijing.

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Excellent/fascinating/incisive analysis of why Seoul is constantly becoming a “nicer” city and why Shanghai and Beijing are not.  Whatever the explanation (the writer attributes it to politics), I think he (Guy Sorman) has nailed it in this City Journal article, entitled, “Asian Megacities: How politics has shaped the growth of Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul.”  I… Continue Reading

To The China Expats Leaving: Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

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Did a post the other day, entitled, Will The Last Expat In China Please Turn Off The Lights?  It was on how it seems so many well-known/well-respected expats are leaving China and writing about it.  Got a lot of really good comments to that post, but the most recent one really stood it.  It is… Continue Reading

China Real Estate. Is It Different This Time?

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I had dinner last night with two Chinese from Nanjing and two Americans.  The two Americans are both fluent in Chinese and have each spent well over a decade living and doing business in China.  The same is true of the two Chinese.  I greatly respect all four of these people. The topic of China… Continue Reading

Big City China Salaries

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Danwei.com did a blog post on a recent J.M. Gemini salary survey of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.  The salary survey is extensive in that it consists of about 25 pages of salary estimates for a whole slew of different jobs in these three cities. The survey itself points out that the salaries listed are just… Continue Reading

China’s Mega Clusters. Qingdao Should Be No Shocker.

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If you are not reading the McKinsey Quarterly, you should be. It is an absolutely superb source of information regarding China and, in particular, China as market. It is consistently one of (if not the) best sources for free in-depth analysis of the China market. One of its recent issues has an article, entitled, “Is… Continue Reading

The China FICE — Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise

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Got the following question regarding FICE (Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise) today that I thought worth answering via a post: As a company we have been planning how we step things up in China for several years and your comments have had a major influence on our thinking. I do have a question. I have heard… Continue Reading

Some Of My Best Friends Are China Consultants

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Very interesting post today over at the All Roads Lead To China Blog, entitled, In Defense of the China Consultant. It caught my eye because it starts out saying that it was inspired by a recent post on here, “China as Currency Manipulator. Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? According to All Roads, this post,… Continue Reading

Shanghai As Global Financial Center, Or Just Another Seoul/Tokyo?

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Excellent and thought-provoking article at Knowledge@Wharton, entitled, “Turning Shanghai into a Global Financial Hub: So Much to Do, So Little Time.”  The article focuses on Shanghai’s very public plans to become an International Financial Center by 2020 and debates whether that is going to happen:  While Shanghai might be big, can it be international? A… Continue Reading

Which China City Is Best for Mordachai?

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Got a somewhat weird email today, but it makes sense, on some level, so here goes: Dear Mr. Harris: A question you may want to answer on your blog: If you were 25 again — crisp J.D. in hand but, alas, no job — which city in China would you move to? You’ve noted that… Continue Reading

China’s “Next” Top Ten Cities For IT Outsourcing

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Alsbridge Consulting, a Dallas, Texas, based consulting company that describes itself as an “award winning outsourcing, offshoring and shared services advisory firm, just came out with its list of “China’s Next Top Ten Cities for IT Outsourcing.” Alsbridge’s press release regarding this list says these ten Chinese cities were selected “based on accessibility, population, education, resources… Continue Reading

China Law Trends: The Radio Interview

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China Law Blog’s own, Steve Dickinson, was recently a guest on “The China Business Show: Secrets of Doing Business in China.” [link no longer exists] The show and the website are part of Entrepreneur Magazine [the show no longer exists]: Entrepreneur Magazine’s The China Business Show is an internet radio show that covers all aspects of… Continue Reading

China HR Mistakes To Avoid

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Interesting Forbes Magazine article on avoiding HR mistakes in China. The article is entitled, How Multinationals Err In China and it focuses on the following three common human resource (HR) mistakes foreign companies make in China. First mistake: Glass ceiling. Two-tier pay systems undermine the morale of Chinese workers who want to climb the corporate ladder… Continue Reading

Playing The China Blame Game

Posted in China Business

As an attorney in China, I am often called in to fix things that have gone wrong on a contract between a Chinese business and a foreign company. The style for dealing with problems in China is much different than in the United States. To succeed in China, all foreigners need to learn the Chinese… Continue Reading

China’s Future: Shanghai Or Beijing?

Posted in China Business

Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes Magazine is in China right now and blogging on it. In Karlgaard’s most recent post, he asks whether Shanghai or Beijing are China’s future in a post, appropriately entitled, China’s Future: Shanghai Or Beijing? Karlgaard poses the question as follows: The big question: Is Beijing or Shanghai the true China?… Continue Reading

China’s Service Sector Will Reign, Part XII — Use The Expatrepreneurs

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Andrew Hupert over at the DiligenceChina Blog [link no longer exists] has a great post extolling the virtues of what he calls “expatrepreneurs,” which he defines as follows: Expatrapreneur — Westerner who starts a new business in China. Usually involves a number of business plan rewrites, false starts, mental breakdowns, racist rants, cries for help,… Continue Reading

Bejing Bars By Beijing Boyce

Posted in China Travel

With there being no shortage of China blogs, I am surprised at how few China blogs focus on China food or drink. In fact, I am aware of only one blog that consistently provides top-notch, personalized, reviews of Chinese eating or drinking establishments. That blog is called Beijing Boyce and it is an amazing source for… Continue Reading

Sneak Peak On China 2007

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Just came across another thoughtful set of predictions for China 2007, this one from Shu-Ching Jean Chen of Forbes Magazine: “The Chinese Communist Party will continue to entrench its one-party rule. It is pursuing a Singapore-model, both on the mainland and in Hong Kong, of managing two seemingly contradictory tasks: ruthlessly stamping out political dissent… Continue Reading

China’s Service Sector Will Reign, Part IV

Posted in China Business

“It is not the strongest who survive, nor the most intelligent. It is those most adaptive to change.”     Charles Darwin Saw this quote the other day and have been wanting to use it ever since. Not sure it really applies here, but since it does apply to doing business in China, I’m going with… Continue Reading

China Courts And Abuses Of Power

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Interesting post on the Black China Hand, entitled “Judge and Jury,” referring to a New York Times article [free on the Amherst Times, hence the link there] on court problems.  The article highlights wretched court facilities, a lack of due process, and a lack of qualified judges: Some of the courtrooms are not even courtrooms:… Continue Reading

China Revealed — Light On Substance, But Oh, The Scenery

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Yesterday, I blogged on the heavily publicized and anticipated Discovery Channel television show, China Revealed.  I ended up watching it last night with my inquisitive nine year old daughter.  We both enjoyed it.  Her much more than me. The show is light on substance, but long on beauty.  The filming and the quality of the… Continue Reading

Shanghai Corruption, Beijing Battles And The Fight For China Leadership

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Newsweek International just came out with a long, thoughtful piece on the broader significance of the Shanghai corruption scandal.  Entitled, “Beijing Battle: The ouster of Shanghai’s powerful party chief may be the first salvo in the battle for supremacy among the next generation of Chinese leaders,” [link no longer exists] the article views (rightfully I… Continue Reading