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Homosexuality In China

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With the recent US Supreme Court decision in United States v. Windsor, holding the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, the writing is pretty much on the wall that gay marriage will be legal in all or most of the United States within five to ten years. But what about China? How does China view gays and… Continue Reading

A Western Woman In China….Sex, Sex, Sex????!!!!

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Not me, of course. But Gina in Shanghai, who on her blog, Gina in Shanghai, has written a very thought provoking piece, entitled, “Peter Hessler and laowai nuzi,” on how Western women are viewed in China (h/t China Beat). To grossly summarize, Chinese view Western women to be like the women in “Sex in the… Continue Reading

When A [China] Man Needs A Woman.

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Mutant Palm just did a post, entitled, “China’s Future: A Clockwork Orange?” [link no longer exists] criticizing the fairly widely held notion that China’s gender imbalance is a ticking time bomb counting down to major social/criminal problems. MP says things are otherwise. To grossly oversimplify MP’s argument, there have been few signs of problems so far… Continue Reading

Girls Just Want To Be Born. What Korea Could Teach China About Sex.

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Excellent piece at the consistently excellent blog, How the World Works, entitled, “Girls Just Want to Be Born.” The piece is on how South Korea has become “the first Asian country to reverse the discouraging trend of ‘rising sex ratios at birth’ — by which is meant families taking advantage of new sex-selection technologies (or… Continue Reading