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US Exports To China. Catch That Train Before It Leaves The Station.

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Whenever a client decides not to venture forward (those words intentionally chosen) overseas in a situation where I am convinced that it should, I get frustrated.  I get particularly frustrated if the client says that it “hasn’t ruled out the move, but it is going to table it for a while.”  I keep my mouth… Continue Reading

China’s Five Best Business Opportunities

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Way back in 2010, I was asked in an NPR interview what I saw as the being the best opportunities for American companies doing business in China or selling to China.  I answered with education, healthcare, food, clean-tech/green-tech, and software. These were the same five industries I had been saying for years. So I could not have been… Continue Reading

China Conferences In November And December

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What with we lawyers needing to complete our Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits before the end of the year, my November and December are jam-packed with speaking engagements.  In the hope that some of our readers will be able to attend one or more of these events, I will briefly set them out here now… Continue Reading

It’s Time To Export To China (And The Other BRICs). And Here’s How.

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The Portland Business Journal just published an article by my long-time friend, Alexander Aginsky. Alex is a Thunderbird MBA who for the last ten years or so has been assisting American companies going into emerging markets and emerging market companies coming into the United States, through his company Aginsky Consulting, “a boutique market entry consulting… Continue Reading