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China Fraud. You Are NOT Immune To This One.

Posted in China Business

One month ago, in China Fraud Season Starts Early This Year, we wrote about seeing a massive increase in frauds emanating from China.  I write again regarding one of those frauds because just since last month, we have dealt with two instances of that fraud and one of those involved a very sophisticated client of… Continue Reading

China Fraud Season Starts Early This Year.

Posted in China Business

Last December, in a post entitled, Payment Fraud In China. This Season’s Edition, we wrote of how it has “become somewhat of a December tradition to write about China payment scams in December because history shows this is the biggest month for those.  Last December, it was Ancient China Business Scam. Back With A Vengeance This Season.” This… Continue Reading

Ancient Chinese Business Scam With A New Hollywood Twist. It’s Baaaack.

Posted in China Business, China Film Industry, Internet

About a year ago, in Ancient China Business Scam With A New Hollywood Twist, we wrote of how we were hearing about film and media companies getting hit with an old-fashioned scam from China.  Things then went quiet for a while, but in the last month, we have received two emails from two US film companies seeking… Continue Reading

Ancient China Business Scam With A New Hollywood Twist

Posted in China Film Industry, Legal News

Chinese company emails US company about buying a few million dollars of the US company’s product.  The terms of the deal are quickly worked out and the Chinese company suggests the American company go to China to sign the contract and celebrate the consummation of the deal.  The American gets to China (usually some fairly… Continue Reading

Seeking Genuine Apple Product From China? Go To Sanlitun.

Posted in China Business, Internet

Just got my third email this week from someone who bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of “iPhones” from someone in China only to receive rank fakes. All three emailers were so blinded by the idea of buying iPhones at ridiculously low prices that they did nothing to make sure the sellers were legitimate,… Continue Reading

A Chinese Brothel Scam. Don’t Let It Happen To You.

Posted in China Business, China Travel

It happened again last week. Multiple calls from the same person, wanting to speak with me urgently, yet refusing to provide any information to our receptionist on the nature of his issue. I eventually called this person back and here’s pretty much what we discussed (which was essentially what I have heard from two other… Continue Reading

Avoiding The China Buyer Scam

Posted in China Business, Internet

China Business Blog just posted on how to avoid getting scammed by purported Chinese buyers, entitled, “How to Scupper a Scammer.”  “Scupper” is Brit-speak for destroy.  Quick summary: 1) If it seems too good to be true, it is; and 2) conduct due diligence before spending money. China Business Blog describes the scam as going… Continue Reading