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Why China Is Better Than Russia For Business

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My friend Kent Kedl co-wrote an article for the Moscow Times today, entitled, Why Russia Is Just as Good as China.  In that article, Kent (who knows China as well as anyone) tries to argue that businesses should be just as interested in Russia as they are in China and that corruption in Russia is no… Continue Reading

China Hostage Situations. More Common Than Most Think, But Not Really A Big Issue.

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The mainstream media has given massive coverage to workers in China holding Chip Starnes, the president of an American company, hostage for alleged non-payment of wages.  Just as we usually do whenever a hostage taking hits the press, we ran our own blog post, The Single Best Way To Avoid Being Taken Hostage In China, setting… Continue Reading

How To Form A China Company (WFOE or JV). Hong Kong Entities. They’re Baaaaack. Part II.

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Less than a month ago, we wrote a post, entitled, How To Form A China Company (WFOE or JV). Hong Kong Entities. They’re Baaaaack. The gist of that post was that my law firm was now favoring the forming of Special Purpose Entities in Hong Kong to hold the soon to be formed Mainland China Wholly Foreign… Continue Reading

Bo Xilai’s Lessons For Your China Business

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By now just about everyone has a rough outline on the goings on surrounding Bo Xilai, Chonqing’s former power boss.  To grossly summarize: Xilai and his wife were very powerful. Businesses (including foreign businesses) were taken by Bo Xilai and his wife’s power and sought to ally with them. A British businessman, Neil Heywood, who… Continue Reading

Bribe Paying Countries. China Is Second Worst.

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Transparency International has just come out with a new ranking of bribe paying countries, entitled the 2011 Bribe Payers Index (h/t The Diplomat). This index “ranks 28 of the world’s largest economies according to the perceived likelihood of companies from these countries to pay bribes abroad. It is based on the views of business executives as… Continue Reading

Service In China. Good Luck With That.

Posted in China Business, China Travel

I love it when my wild assertions are proven right. I am always writing about how terrible the service is at China’s hotels and restaurants and I have often posited that service in China is the worst in the world. In “This Is China. I Laughed, I Cried,” I wrote about a blogger’s “Kafkaesque situation… Continue Reading

Is China Too Risky? Aon Says No.

Posted in China Business

Not quite sure why, but I have been writing a lot lately about the risks of operating a business in China. A few months ago, I did a post entitled China Is The Risk. I See Clouds and a few weeks ago I did a post entitled Secure And Insecure Countries. In Light Of Egypt. An Open Thread. Both… Continue Reading

China And The BRIC Dream

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Just watched a ten minute or so movie on Goldman Sach’s website, entitled, “The BRICS Dream” [link no longer exists] (h/t to the Cal Poly MBA Trip Blog).  BRIC is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, and China and the movie, “led” by Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sach’s Head of Global Economic Research, notes it was… Continue Reading

Service Sectors Will Reign In China, Part II, But Nobody Ever Said It Would Be Easy

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In “Service Sectors in China Will Reign” and in “The Little Red Book of China Branding, we wrote of how China’s economy is ripe for entry of foreign service businesses.  Just this year, as per the WTO, China greatly liberalized its laws allowing entry of foreign service businesses. In Today’s Wall Street Journal, however, in… Continue Reading