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How To Protect Your Trademark In China; How To Stop Your Distributor From “Stealing” Your Trademark

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As often as we write about the need to register your trademarks in China, we have never written about how common it is for your China distributor to take your trademark and of how easy it is to prevent that.  I thought of this last week after receiving yet another phone call where this had… Continue Reading

How To Stop China Counterfeiting, Or At Least Reduce It.

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A number of our clients manufacture products that sell for relatively high prices due in large part to distinguishing characteristics of our client’s company or product.  In other words, the exact kind of product counterfeiters love to copy. Not sure why, but we have been spending more time lately in helping our clients prevent counterfeiting… Continue Reading

Selling Product In China Through Your China Manufacturer. It’s Complicated.

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As China’s consumer market continues to grow, we have of late been dealing with an increase in requests from clients who want to sell into China the products they are already having manufactured there via product out-sourcing. Doing so is more complicated than what one might initially think. One thing the foreign company can do… Continue Reading

File Your Trademark In China. Now.

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Every few months or so, I see something that reminds me of how important it is to file your trademarks in China before anyone else does. I often tell clients that filing a trademark is about the only China legal no-brainer. Or as I said in a post from earlier this year, entitled, “China: Do… Continue Reading

China Outsourcing 101. The Legal Basics.

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This latest recession has only caused even more small and medium sized businesses to look to cut costs by outsourcing their product manufacturing to China. Unfortunately, many of these companies now engaging in OEM (original equipment manufacturing) outsourcing to China are failing to take some or all of the minimal legal steps necessary to protect… Continue Reading

Outsourcing in China: Five Legal Basics For Reducing Risk

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In response to yesterday’s post containing outsourcing tips from a business perspective a reader sent me an e-mail asking what to look out for on the legal side.  Fortunately, I was able to find a short article fellow blogger Steve Dickinson had published a few years ago on just this topic.  Here it is: Many… Continue Reading

China: Counterfeiting And Piracy — The Issue And The Challenge

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This is the second of my posts on the United State’s Patent and Trademark Office’s two-day conference on “Protecting Your Intellectual Property In China and The Global Marketplace” I attended last week.  My first post, “Nike On China IP Protection:  Just Do It With Green Tea,” was based on a speech by Kevin R. Brown,… Continue Reading

Qingdao Court Rules In Favor Of Starbucks In Landmark Chinese Trademark Case (Part II)

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By:  Steve Dickinson In part I of this series on China trademarks, I blogged about Starbucks’ trademark history in China and about the recent Qingdao court decision finding a Qingdao coffee shop had violated various of Starbucks’ Chinese trademarks.  In this post, I discuss my own on the ground observations of the Qingdao coffee shop… Continue Reading

Faked in China — Protection Is Possible. Register Your Trademarks In China.

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A reader in Arkansas sent us this article from CSO Magazine [article link no longer exists], entitled, “13 Ways to Protect Your Company in China.”  This article does a very thorough job of both setting out the problems and putting forth a strong list of solutions. The article notes that “security experts don’t buy into… Continue Reading