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China Trademark Basics

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A few months ago, I was email interviewed for a story on protecting intellectual property in China. I just learned today that the story is not going to run because it was “deemed too technical.”  Fine. So instead I will list out below the points I made to my interviewer, who had sought me out… Continue Reading

Protecting Against Trademark Infringement in China. The Basics For Fashion Apparel.

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A few weeks ago, one of the lawyers in my office, emailed me an article co-written by a law school friend. The article was on trademark infringement in the clothing industry and on what clothing companies/fashion companies should do to protect their China trademarks, written by Yujing Shu and Hai-Ching Yang of KLGates. The note with the email said… Continue Reading

Register Your China Trademark Now. Then Register It Again With Customs.

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According to recently released statistics, in 2012 Chinese Customs (General Administration of Customs or GAC for short) seized approximately 15,000 shipments of counterfeit goods, the vast majority of which were exports. This was the first year since the Beijing Olympics in which the numbers weren’t goosed by a “special campaign” or similar program, and on… Continue Reading

China Trademarks. Doing Them With Class.

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As we have written many times over the years, if you are selling goods into China, sourcing goods from China, or even just doing business in China or with China, you probably should be registering a trademark in China for your logos and brand names. China is a first-to-file country and it requires no evidence… Continue Reading

Apple v. Proview. China Trademarks And So Much To Learn.

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  A reporter called me the other day on the Apple-Proview trademark kerfuffle. She kept wanting me to give her a quote on what foreign companies should take away from this dispute and I kept parrying with her, unable to give her just one. I kept finding myself saying “it’s probably more complicated than that.”… Continue Reading

How To Achieve Problem Free China Outsourcing. Or Not.

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We are always preaching that if you 1) choose a good manufacturer, 2) use a good OEM contract, 3) engage in good quality control monitoring, and register your trademark, the odds are overwhelming that you will do just fine in outsourcing your product from China. The odds just went down. In 2009 and 2010 and… Continue Reading

China Trademark Law: Simple And Effective

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Earlier this year, I wrote an article for the Alaska Bar Magazine [link no longer exists] on China’s trademark laws, mostly extolling how necessary it is to secure such a trademark and how relatively simple it is. Nothing much in the article that we have not been saying here since our inception, but since it… Continue Reading

China’s Service Sectors Will Reign, Part XIII. Sports Is A Booming Business.

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Interesting article by Eugene Kim in yesterday’s Yomiuri Shimbun (the world’s largest circulation newspaper) on American sports teams seeking to make inroads in China.  The English version of this article is entitled, U.S. sports organizations looking to score in China [link no longer exists] and darned if yours truly isn’t quoted in the article on how to… Continue Reading

More Favorable IPR Rulings from China’s Provinces

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China Daily ran an article today, entitled, “IPR Special.” The article talks about a number of pending and recently resolved lawsuits involving foreign companies: The Walt Disney Company filed a lawsuit in Shenzhen, alleging “Mickeyle,” a Shenzhen-based children’s clothing manufacturer, illegally uses Disney’s registered trademark “MICKEY & CO” and “MICKEY UNLIMITED.”  Disney is seeking around… Continue Reading

Faked in China — Protection Is Possible. Register Your Trademarks In China.

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A reader in Arkansas sent us this article from CSO Magazine [article link no longer exists], entitled, “13 Ways to Protect Your Company in China.”  This article does a very thorough job of both setting out the problems and putting forth a strong list of solutions. The article notes that “security experts don’t buy into… Continue Reading