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Register Your Trademark In China Because Alibaba Is Serious About IP

Posted in Internet, Legal News

Someone left this comment yesterday on a post we did back in 2011 on sourcing product from China by using Alibaba: They steal ™ names and photos and post them on their site.  90% of the images and Google search are stolen TMs Alibaba uses to get traffic to their site.  They define fraud. Guess… Continue Reading

China Domain Name Scams. It’s Still A Scam!

Posted in China Business, Legal News

We wrote on China domain name scams last year, but since we are seeing an increase in these from our clients and readers, we are going to write on it again.  Just about everyone doing business in China or doing business with China gets or will get one or more of the following: 1.  Preventing… Continue Reading

China Trademark Squatting: The British Version.

Posted in Legal News

Interesting article in today’s Daily Telegraph, written by the Telegraph’s Beijing correspondent, Malcolm Moore.  The article is entitled, “Asda in China? That’ll be Mr Liu in Shenzhen: The Chinese love for Western consumer brands is well known,” and it is on UK companies that have had trouble with “trademark squatters” in China.  The article focuses on… Continue Reading

China IP Protection. Deja Vu All Over Again.

Posted in Legal News

When we first started this blog way back in 2006, we would constantly tout how if you want to protect your IP in China, you have to register your IP in China.  Our thesis was (and is) that if you don’t bother registering your IP in China, you really have no right to complain about… Continue Reading

China: Do Just One Thing. Trademarks.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

From time to time I get calls from start-up companies about to embark on manufacturing in China. They are calling to ask what they need to do “to protect themselves.” I tell them about NNN Agreements and how they can help prevent potential manufacturers from replicating their product. And I tell them about how important it is that they… Continue Reading

Viagra’s Functioning Problem Extends To China Trademarks

Posted in Legal News

A Chinese appellate court just ruled against Pfizer in a trademark lawsuit against Chinese drug maker Guanzhou Welman. Full Disclosure: I own a very small amount of Pfizer stock, which means I go into this post very unhappy with Pfizer. Pfizer also bought Upjohn, the biggest and best company in my hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan,… Continue Reading

Nike On China IP Protection: Just Do It With Green Tea

Posted in Legal News

Last week I attended the United State’s Patent and Trademark Office‘s two-day conference on “Protecting Your Intellectual Property In China and The Global Marketplace.”  China Law Blog’s own Steve Dickinson was asked to speak there on how to protect your trademarks and trade secrets while doing business in China, but work commitments prevented him from… Continue Reading

China Courts Are Widening Their Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement Nets

Posted in Legal News

Five western luxury goods makers, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Burberry just won a landmark trademark case in the Beijing High People’s Court against the Beijing-based Silk Street Market, according to this China Daily article.  The ruling requires the Silk Street Market to pay each of the five companies 20,000 yuan (approximately US $2,500)… Continue Reading