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China Product Outsourcing. How To Distinguish Between An Agent And A Manufacturer.

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Recently received an email from a US manufacturer with a link to a Global Sources article entitled, How to detect a trader from a manufacturer in China?  The email asked me the following:  Does it really matter whether we go with an agent (a/k/a trader/broker) or a manufacturer?  Is the information in this article accurate?  Is… Continue Reading

Product Testing Labs In China

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Very helpful post over at the always very helpful Quality Inspection Tips blog, entitled, “List of the big testing laboratories in China.”  The post sets out a list of product testing labs in China, with all sorts of contact information and personnell names.  If you are involved in manufacturing in China, this list will likely prove… Continue Reading

Using Letters Of Credit With China Suppliers

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This is a guest post from Renaud Anjoran. Renaud runs a product quality inspection business in Shenzhen and he also writes the truly excellent and perennially helpful Quality Inspection Tips. My firm has worked with Renaud on a number of China product matters and we have consistently found him to be highly knowledgeable about China… Continue Reading

Seeking Genuine Apple Product From China? Go To Sanlitun.

Posted in China Business, Internet

Just got my third email this week from someone who bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of “iPhones” from someone in China only to receive rank fakes. All three emailers were so blinded by the idea of buying iPhones at ridiculously low prices that they did nothing to make sure the sellers were legitimate,… Continue Reading