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The Basics On Doing Business In China. Big Risks, Bigger Rewards?

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Just read a CNN article entitled, China offers big risk, bigger reward.  The article quotes me and a nice range of other attorneys on what it takes for foreign companies to succeed in doing business in China — from a legal perspective.  I really like the article, but I have a beef with its title. If… Continue Reading

A Webinar For Companies/Inside Counsel Doing Business With China. February 20, 2013.

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On February 20 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, I will be co-presenting a China law webinar, along with Andrea Charters, Vice President and Associate General Counsel of Rosetta Stone Inc. LexisNexis is sponsorig this webinar and, incredibly enough, it is entirely free. We will be gearing our presentations towards in house counsel and together we will be addressing the… Continue Reading

The Four Keys To China Trade Secret Protection

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Had a telephone conversation with a client today (yes I am working today) regarding the steps it should be taking to protect its trade secrets in China.  Client is an American company that has been doing business in China for nearly a decade but is “for the first time being forced by its competition to… Continue Reading

Protecting Your IP In China — The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

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Just came across a great article on protecting your IP in China. It is by Godfrey Firth, who is with the Business Advisory Services at the US-China Business Council in Shanghai and it is entitled, “The best offense is a good defense—and vice versa.” [link no longer exists The article outlines virtually all of the basic… Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS: CLB’s Steve Dickinson To Appear On CCTV To Discuss China IP

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On Thursday, April 19, China time, China Law Blog’s own China lawyer, Steve Dickinson, will be appearing on CCTV International’s Dialogue program to discuss China intellectual property protection (trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets). The focus of the show will be on China’s current regime for protecting IP and, in particular, its impact on foreign… Continue Reading

Protecting Your IP In China

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Alicia Beverly, Chief IP (intellectual property) strategist with IP Wealth, an Australian company, “based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, [that] specializes in identifying, protecting, managing and monitoring intellectual property assets for clients around Australia and overseas,” wrote a helpful article entitled “Protecting and Enforcing Your IP Rights In China.” The article starts out with… Continue Reading

China (Beijing) Is Moving Hard To Protect IP — Is Anybody In Guangdong Listening?

Posted in China Film Industry, Internet, Legal News

By:  Steve Dickinson The Chinese government recently announced its 2006 Action Plan for intellectual property protection in China. This comprehensive plan is intended to completely overhaul China’s IP protection system.  The action plan focuses on every important area of IP law: trademark, copyright, patent and import/export.  The Plan further provides for improvement in virtually every… Continue Reading

Another Foreign IP Victory In China — Ferrero Rocher

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The Tianjin High Court ruled last week in favor of Italian Chocolatier, Ferrero Rocher, in a case against a Zhangjiagang Food company involving copycat chocolates.  The court ordered the local company to immediately stop producing the copycat chocolates and to pay $87,000 in damages. This actually prompted the Voice of America to remark that “[s]everal… Continue Reading