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China Product Problems. Again.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

I’ve been deleting old emails today and in doing so I have deleted far too many that relate to China product quality problems.  Here’s the most recent such email, with all identifiers removed to protect the victim: My company purchased hundreds of _____ from a company in China for about $65,000. Most of these _______ were… Continue Reading

China Product Sourcing Risk

Posted in China Business, Legal News

Every December, we get an even greater than normal number of phone calls from companies that have received bad product or no product at all and the past two weeks have been no exception.  And as is almost always the case, I blame the “victim.” I blame the victim because without exception, in every single… Continue Reading

China Product Quality. Only You Can Prevent Quality Fade.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

By: Steve Dickinson China automakers Chery and Great Wall were recently forced to recall 23,000 autos exported to Australia. The reason for the recall is that the brake linings and engine gaskets in the cars contained asbestos. Asbestos is banned in Australia and 55 other countries. Due to the hazardous nature of the product, the… Continue Reading

China Product Quality Problem? Here’s My Template Answer.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

Because I receive countless emails every day and because so many of them involve the same questions, I have developed various templates to respond.  Here’s the template I use when a US company writes me with a China product quality problem and the contract they have provided me is not good at all. Much of… Continue Reading

China Outsourcing 101. The Legal Basics.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law

This latest recession has only caused even more small and medium sized businesses to look to cut costs by outsourcing their product manufacturing to China. Unfortunately, many of these companies now engaging in OEM (original equipment manufacturing) outsourcing to China are failing to take some or all of the minimal legal steps necessary to protect… Continue Reading

China Counterfeiting. Just One Among 1.3 Billion.

Posted in China Business, Internet

The PN China Blog recently posted on counterfeiting and poor quality products in China. The post is entitled, “A Monumental Blacklist” and it discusses why Chinese companies so frequently and confidently engage in unfair business practices (including counterfeiting) and what needs to be done to stop it. The post starts out answering “why unethical business… Continue Reading

Chinese Government Moving Into Product Design Business?

Posted in Legal News

Kenneth Ross, a well known product safety lawyer out of Minneapolis, wrote me yesterday regarding a U.S. client of his that had contacted him regarding a new Chinese government product safety initiative. Ross’s client has a Shenzhen factory making small appliances for sale in the U.S., similar to product that was recently recalled in the… Continue Reading

US Consumers Changing China?

Posted in China Business

Interesting and thought provoking LA Times article by Nathan Gardels, editor in chief of New Perspectives Quarterly (a/k/a NPQ). Gardels’ article is entitled, China’s new revolutionaries: U.S. consumers. Beijing must yield to market forces demanding the rule of law and an end to corruption. Grossly simplified, its thesis is that US consumers are changing China’s governance. This… Continue Reading

China Quality Control: Darkness Before The Dawn

Posted in China Business, Internet

Interesting article on China product quality over at the Knowledge@Wharton site. The article is written by Paul Midler, founder and President of China Advantage, which provides China product outsourcing and supply chain management services. Paul is a Wharton MBA graduate, who has been living and working in China off and on for the last 15… Continue Reading