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China Joint Ventures Are Back And Contracts Are The New In Thing. The New Reality Of China Foreign Investment.

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During the first 25 years of China’s opening up process, joint ventures were the favored vehicle for FDI in China. In 2005, the favored form of investment shifted away from JVs to direct investment through WOFEs (Wholly Foreign Owned Entities). During the last year, however, foreign SMEs have been shifting away from WFOEs and back… Continue Reading

The China NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Shut The Barn Door BEFORE The Horse Bolts.

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Just received the following comment to our post, How To Find And Deal With Chinese Manufacturers: I have a question, I sent a picture of a unique [product] and they sent back an email saying that they would like to manufacture it and when I said mine they corrected me by stateing ours. is this normal?… Continue Reading

Toying With China

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Brian Wingfield at Forbes Magazine has a story, entitled Toying With China on the recent Senate hearing on toy safety. Wingfield sees the hearing as “having less to do with safety concerns than with ongoing economic disputes with China.” I agree. Senator Sam Brownback (who not so coincidentally is running for President), told Nancy Nord, the… Continue Reading

Six Tips For China Product Outsourcing

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Business in Vancouver (Vancouver’s leading business weekly) [link to article no longer exists] recently published a piece written by CLB’s own China lawyer Steve Dickinson, setting forth the basics for protecting your China manufacturing business from problems. Nothing in the article we have not previously covered here on the blog, but it does provide the basics in… Continue Reading