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China Manufacturing Payment Terms. Limit Your Risks.

Posted in China Business

Many companies continue to purchase container load quantities of product from small manufacturers located on the southern coast of China. This trade has developed a standard form of payment, often termed 30/70 TT. This means: 30 percent down payment on placement of the order, with the remaining 70% due upon shipment. This means 30% of… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China, Part V. Even More On How YOU Must Prepare For It.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

In part IV of our continuing series on the end of cheap China and the impacts arising from that, co-blogger Steve Dickinson wrote about the increased risks product buyers are facing from their China-based manufacturers. That post concluded with Steve talking about why paying your Chinese manufacturer in advance for product can be so risky…. Continue Reading

China QC Inspection. So Totally Worth It.

Posted in China Business, Internet, Legal News

I have always thought it crazy for a company not to have a quality control inspection done of its China product before shipping. Yes, crazy. The Quality Inspection Tips blog has a post, entitled, “How much does an inspection in China cost?” that puts the need for a QC inspection into proper focus. The post… Continue Reading