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The Big Four Accounting Firms In China. THE Book.

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I am about to heartily recommend a book that I have not read, nor even seen. The book is The Big Four and the Development of the Accounting Profession in China (Studies in the Development of Accounting Thought, by Paul Gillis. And despite not having read the book, I am quite certain it will make for… Continue Reading

Big Four In The Wasteland. No More Chinese Companies For You.

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Professor Paul Gillis, who writes the essential (and highly readable) China Accounting Blog, just came out with a bombshell of a post. Or rather, his post explains the bombshell that landed Wednesday in the form of a 112-page opinion from Cameron Eliot, Administrative Law Judge at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Judge Eliot’s… Continue Reading

Chinese Accounting Scandals. Simple Is As Simple Does.

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No fewer than three people have sent me an article, entitled, “The Simplicity of Chinese Accounting Scandals.”  All three people raved about the article, one going so far as to use the term “revelatory” in describing it.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  There is absolutely nothing revelatory about it and that is the heart of the problem…. Continue Reading

China VIEs And New Oriental Education. July 25 Webcast.

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GLG Research is going to be moderating what I am certain will be a fascinating discussion tomorrow on China VIEs and the SEC’s pending investigation into New Oriental Education (EDU). The event is entitled, VIEs – SEC Investigation into New Oriental Education and it will be taking place live on the net and by teleconference… Continue Reading

Model Workers 2012. Best China Blogs.

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For the seventh straight year, Danwei has come out with its Model Workers List of best China blogs in various categories. Yes, China Law Blog is on the list, but honestly, we are running this link-over because the list is so thoughtful, so informative, and so thorough.  Danwei’s blog list is considered by many (me… Continue Reading

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About China VIEs. The Transcript.

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On November 4, CLB’s own Steve Dickinson participated in an Internet discussion regarding Variable Interest Entities (VIEs) in China. The discussion was entitled, “Foreign Ownership in China: Still VIEable?” and the other participants were China Hearsay’s Stan Abrams (an attorney), China Accounting Blog’s Paul Gillis (an accountant), and China Finance Blog’s Fredrik Öqvist (a financial… Continue Reading

To VIE Or Not To VIE (in China). Answers Will Come Via Web Discussion This Tuesday.

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For the last couple of years, there has been massive discussion regarding Variable Interest Entities (VIEs) in China. We at China Law Blog have taken a strong stand on them and our position has always been that we will not do them because we do do not think they hold up to legal scrutiny. Or… Continue Reading

Who Owns China’s Internet? Why Even Ask That?

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Chinese Law Professor has an excellent post, entitled, “Who Owns The Chinese Internet,” seeking to answer that very question. The post is in reference to this article [in Chinese] by Jing Linbo and Wang Xuefeng from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, asserting “(a) that foreigners (“foreign capital”) in the article’s terminology) have come to… Continue Reading

China Accounting Blogs. Because Accounting Matters.

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I was on a panel of speakers yesterday at the Offshore Investment Conference 2011. We panelists were to give a statement enunciating “the one key point” from the talks we had given earlier in the day. Yongjun Peter Ni, who heads Zhong Lun’s tax practice, said something about how foreign companies need to abide by… Continue Reading

China Reverse Mergers. Good Luck With That.

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The following post was written by Damjan DeNoble. Damjan just completed his first year of law school at the University of Michigan and he will be clerking at Harris & Moure this summer. Many of you may already know or know of Damjan from his days managing the Kro’s Nest in Beijing and from his… Continue Reading