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China’s Legal And Business Differences. A Multi-Disciplinary/Multi-Media Approach.

Posted in China Business

The other day, I spoke with a North American company that was seeking to get its tooling back from its former Chinese manufacturer.  This company’s domestic American lawyer had drafted a manufacturing contract with the Chinese manufacturer that was completely silent regarding ownership of the tooling/molds.  When the American company started getting bad product from its… Continue Reading

The China Slowdown And Extracting YOUR Assets/Product/Equipment/Molds

Posted in China Business, Legal News

I am in the process of writing an article for a leading publication on the things I am seeing that tell me China’s economy is cooling. The statistics from China seem to be saying everything is just fine, but man, all I can tell you is that my firm has been absolutely inundated with matters… Continue Reading

Want Your China-Based Molds? You’re Probably Too Late For That.

Posted in Legal News

Every few months we get a frantic call from someone wanting our “immediate” help in getting them their molds back. These situations usually present themselves as follows: Small to mid-sized company (“SME”) has spent $25,000 to $250,000 building a mold(s) for manufacturing their product in China. SME provided this mold to its one Chinese supplier… Continue Reading

China Tooling/China Consulting — I Told You So

Posted in Legal News

A couple days ago, we did a post, entitled, Your Mold Done Gone To China And It Ain’t Never Coming Back, stressing how those doing China OEM Agreements need good contracts to protect their production molds and tooling. Earlier today, we did a post, entitled, China Consultant: Protect Thyself, focusing on how China consultants without good contracts… Continue Reading