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China’s Changing Economy And What It Means For You

Posted in China Business

Excellent economic analysis of China by Yiping Huang, a professor of Economics at Peking University and at the China Economy Program at the Australian National University and Barclay Bank Hong Kong’s Chief Economist for Asia.  His analysis can be found in an EastAsiaForum article, entitled, “China’s New Growth,” in which Huang talks of how the Chinese government is… Continue Reading

Who To Read On China’s Economy?

Posted in China Business, Good People

I did a post yesterday touting a podcast by Jing Ulrich on China’s economy.  In that post, I referred to Ms. Ulrich as belonging “on the very short list of those discussing China’s economy who actually know whereof they speak.”  In response to that, I received the following comment from “Michael RightSite”: Hi Dan, Since… Continue Reading

China’s 12th Five Year Plan. Infrastructure, Infrastructure, And More Infrastructure. Did We Say Infrastructure?

Posted in China Business, Events

By: Steve Dickinson On Monday, March 14, The PRC National People’s Congress approved China’s 12th Five Year Plan and the outline of the plan was released to the public yesterday. The full 105-page document can be found (in Chinese) here. I am now reviewing the plan and over the next several weeks I will provide a… Continue Reading

China’s RMB. Ain’t Gonna Be No World Currency No How.

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I often write how irritated I get when I see pseudo-economists write on China’s economy. Whenever I do that, I get comments and or emails asking me what constitues a real economist and who I consider to be a real China economist. A real economist is someone trained as an economist who works as an… Continue Reading