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China’s Music Industry

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Our Beijing-based attorney, Mathew Alderson, is Co-Chair of AmCham China’s Media & Entertainment Forum. Each year the Forum puts together a chapter on media and entertainment for the AmCham China White Paper. As part of the research for the 2013 White Paper, Mathew interviewed Nathaniel Davis, a director of Split Works and Splatter, which are Shanghai and Beijing based live music/festival… Continue Reading

Beijing v. Shanghai From Two People Who Know

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Virtually nobody gets tired of comparing Beijing and Shanghai, myself included.  There really is a dichotomy, with neither side (yes, “side’) having much appreciation or understanding for the other.  When asked by people who have never been to China to compare the two cities, I usually sum it up by saying something like the following:… Continue Reading

Sneak Peak On China 2007

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Just came across another thoughtful set of predictions for China 2007, this one from Shu-Ching Jean Chen of Forbes Magazine: “The Chinese Communist Party will continue to entrench its one-party rule. It is pursuing a Singapore-model, both on the mainland and in Hong Kong, of managing two seemingly contradictory tasks: ruthlessly stamping out political dissent… Continue Reading