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China Concerts: Law And Business.

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The Wall Street Journal did a couple of stories last week on the difficulties foreigners face when getting involved in China’s concert business. The first article, entitled, China Wants to Rock but Regulations Hinder, but Regulations Hinder, consists mostly of a Q & A session with Beijing entertainment lawyer Mathew Alderson.  Alderson focused on the… Continue Reading

China Film And IP

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The Hollywood Reporter recently did a story, entitled, “China’s Looming Entertainment Problem: Not Enough Lawyers,” discussing, among other things, intellectual property in China. Our own Beijing-based China entertainment lawyer, Mathew Alderson, was interviewed for that story and The Hollywood Reporter has kindly agreed to allow us to run a post based on the original interview…. Continue Reading

China’s Music Industry

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Our Beijing-based attorney, Mathew Alderson, is Co-Chair of AmCham China’s Media & Entertainment Forum. Each year the Forum puts together a chapter on media and entertainment for the AmCham China White Paper. As part of the research for the 2013 White Paper, Mathew interviewed Nathaniel Davis, a director of Split Works and Splatter, which are Shanghai and Beijing based live music/festival… Continue Reading

China Movie Co-Productions. They’re Tightening In A Sign Of Things That Have Come

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One of the things we are always writing about and always trying to get a handle on is what the attitude is in China towards foreign investment.  That attitude is never static for long, always shifting with the economy and sometimes shifting due to other factors such as politics. We are in the midst of… Continue Reading

China Film Co-Productions. Show Me The Money. The Domestic Edition.

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This post was co-written by Mathew Alderson (my law firm’s lead China entertainment lawyer) and Tyler Cohen.  Tyler is fluent in Chinese and he worked with Mathew on China film matters this past summer before beginning law school at the University of Toronto. Three factors are driving international interest in Sino-foreign movie co-productions: (1) China… Continue Reading

Foreign Service Businesses In China. An AmCham Panel Discussion On August 20, 2012.

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AmCham’s Public Policy and Development Committee is putting on a panel discussion on market access for service providers.  This will take place on Monday August 20 from 9:30-11:00.  The plan is for the panelists to “briefly present the major market access issues in their sector, followed by a discussion among the panel and audience. After… Continue Reading

Our China Entertainment Lawyer Rocking The Movie Biz

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Our lead China entertainment lawyer (and regular CLB contributor), Mathew Alderson, was just named by Variety Magazine as one of 50 “Game-Changing Attorneys” who “rock the [entertainment law] biz.”  And, hey, we couldn’t be prouder.  The list consists of those “attorneys whose recent deals and court battles have changed the shape of entertainment.” Mathew and… Continue Reading

Financing China Movie Co-Productions. Australian Producer Offsets Can Work.

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In my previous post, Aussiewood Film Finance And China Co-Productions. Ever The Twain Shall Meet?  I explained how a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of feature film production costs is available from the Australian government for films with “significant Australian content” if the producer incurred “qualifying Australian production expenditure” when making the film. This rebate… Continue Reading

Foreign Investment In Chinese Movie Theaters

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China now has the second biggest box office market in the world and the third biggest film production industry in the world. As you would expect, here in China we are seeing an upsurge in foreign interest in the domestic business of movie theaters or cinemas. This interest is driven by the sheer rate of… Continue Reading

When China Rules The World. We’ll See….

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Our Beijing-based lawyer, Mathew Alderson, is always reading and referring to deep think books on China. The other day when he told me about Martin Jacques’ When China Rules the World, I suggested he do a review. This is not a new book (it came out at the end of 2009), but because it takes… Continue Reading

China’s Sino-Foreign Film Co-Productions. Show Me The Money.

Posted in China Business

This is the third in a series of posts on China’s film industry. The first post was “Sino-Foreign Film Co-Productions in China.” The second was “Making Films in China. You Talkin’ To Me?” Cinemas are being built in China at unprecedented rates and we are constantly hearing of explosive growth of Chinese box office takings…. Continue Reading

Making Films in China. You Talkin’ To Me?

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A few weeks ago, I did a post, “Sino-Foreign Film Co-Productions in China,” outlining the requirements for doing film co-productions in China. We received the following comment in response to that post: Thank god I ignored all this when I shot Shangdown: The Way of the Spur in Shanghai last year ;) The person who… Continue Reading