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On Getting A Fixed Price From Your China Supplier. Don’t Bother?

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Spoke with a US manufacturer the other day regarding the OEM Agreement we are working on for him.  This manufacturer has been manufacturing in China for about a decade and he quickly let me know that one of the things that drives him nuts is how his Chinese manufacturers “change prices” on him, no matter… Continue Reading

What You Need To Know To Manufacture And Buy Products From China. August 14, 2012, In Las Vegas

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I am going to be speaking at ASD’s massive consumer products show in Las Vegas on August 14 from 3pm to 4pm.  My speech is entitled, “What You Need to Know to Manufacture and Buy Products from China and Elsewhere in Asia” It will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall, Room #N246…. Continue Reading

The Definitive/Comprehensive Guide To Manufacturing In China. Yes, Definitive And Comprehensive.

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I just finished reading (most of it anyway) Bruce W. Mitchell’s book/tome, 13 Steps to Manufacturing in China. Shoot me if I don’t use the word “comprehensive” or some equivalent at least five times in this post. 13 Steps to Manufacturing in China is a comprehensive, soup to nuts break down of what needs to… Continue Reading

Vietnam Over China For Small-Scale Manufacturing. Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

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I constantly hear that China manufacturing is cheap only for manufacturing in fairly large scale. Many (most?) Chinese factories are geared up for large orders and large production runs and they oftentimes reject smaller orders or price them prohibitively high. This “go big or go home” mentality/capability also holds true for companies that make a… Continue Reading

Moving To China’s Interior. The Pros And The Cons.

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In February, I wrote a post, “China Manufacturing: “We’re Bringing It Back Home,” talking of how my law firm had been seeing a massive uptick in companies shutting down their China operations and returning to the United States. A very recent (and very widely discussed) Economist article, entitled, “Moving back to America:The dwindling allure of building… Continue Reading

Getting Started On Manufacturing In China. The Legal Basics.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

My law firm is always getting emails like the following (I got one this morning which spurred me to write this post): I’m a __________ based business owner and widget designer. I’m developing my own line of widgets and I am now preparing to move forward by sending out my samples to factories in China…. Continue Reading

China Auto. Are We There Yet?

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There are those who state confidently that China will own the worldwide car market within a few years (these people have been saying this for years — check out this post from three years ago where I rightly said NO WAY) and there are those who state it will never get there. My only qualifications… Continue Reading

How To Monitor Your Chinese Factory, The China Price, And QC By Motorcycle.

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Interesting post by Nina Ying Sun on the PN China blog on the inherent difficulties in monitoring your China factory. The post is entitled Hands-on due diligence in China, and it starts out with the following quotes from an interview with Alexandra Haney, author of the book, The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive… Continue Reading