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China NDA. A Day In The Life Of A China Lawyer.

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Every so often one of our China lawyers will get an email from someone who essentially challenges us to tell them why they should hire us. Our response is to patiently explain why they are wrong to think that they do not need a lawyer and to not so patiently tell them that it would… Continue Reading

The New Era In China Product Supplier Relationships Requires New Contracts

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One of the themes we have been addressing for the last year or so is how the relationship between foreign companies and their Chinese product suppliers is maturing. A few months ago, in The New Role Of Written Contracts For Product Purchases In China we wrote of how rising product prices have increased the need for good… Continue Reading

How To Stop Your Chinese Supplier From Becoming Your Competitor.

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Renaud Anjoran over at the Quality Inspection Tips blog recently wrote on “How your Chinese suppliers might become your competitors.”  Anjoran provides some excellent suggestions for preventing your China supplier from competing with you, based on his notes from a talk by Paul Melkebeke, Vice President Supply Asia for Samsonite. Melkebeke talked of how building a… Continue Reading

China Product Sourcing Risk

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Every December, we get an even greater than normal number of phone calls from companies that have received bad product or no product at all and the past two weeks have been no exception.  And as is almost always the case, I blame the “victim.” I blame the victim because without exception, in every single… Continue Reading

China Product Sourcing. Ten Things To Do To Get It Right.

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Renaud Anjoran at the always on the money Quality Inspection Tips Blog has a post, entitled, “The 10 components of a good quality assurance strategy in China,” that very nicely lays out what it takes to get good product from China. The post breaks out the ten components of effective China product sourcing into the… Continue Reading

China OEM Manufacturing Agreements. What Should Go In Your Term Sheet?

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We generally think the best way for us to draft China OEM Agreements is for our clients to reach oral or “term sheet” agreement wtih their Chinese manufacturer and then come back to us with the tersm. We then draft the OEM contract based on those terms (and many more) and our client then presents… Continue Reading

Drafting A China Manufacturing Agreement. Watching The Sausage Get Made. Part II.

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Yesterday, I did a post, entitled, “Drafting A China Manufacturing Agreement. Watching The Sausage Get Made,” seting out many of the questions we typically ask our clients before we begin drafting their OEM agreements. A reader, Phil,  left us the following comment to that post: Can I ask about the wording of your agreements in… Continue Reading

Drafting A China Manufacturing Agreement. Watching The Sausage Get Made.

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I love it when a blog post just lands in my lap, and one just did. It is a couple of emails from two of my firm’s lawyers to two different clients, both of whom recently retained us to draft OEM Agreements for production of product by factories in China. Both clients are in the… Continue Reading

Good China Patent Infringement Case? Tell Me Lots More.

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Someone called KAS just left us the following comment: We have a pretty blatant patent infringement where the Chinese manufacturing company (with whom we have a contract) has sold the product to Australia. Our goal is to shut down the sales in countries outside of China, e.g. Australia. Under these circumstances, would it make any… Continue Reading

Manufacturing Your Product In China.The Extreme Basics.

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The other day I received an email from a college student looking to form a business that would buy product from China and sell it in the United States. The email asked about the steps to take to get such a business going. Here is that email (modified slightly to maintain the anonymity of its… Continue Reading

China Supplier Agreements. With Apologies To Kansas.

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When foreign companies call to have us draft their Chinese supplier agreements (a/k/a OEM Agreements), we explain their basic points, usually consisting of the following: 1. We usually like the official version to be in Chinese. If something goes wrong, they usually will need to be enforced in a Chinese court and putting them in… Continue Reading

There Must Be Fifty Ways To Leave A Bad China Supplier.

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In a recent post by Renaud Anjoran, entitled, “Bad relationship with a Chinese supplier: just end it!” Renaud asks when a buyer of goods from a Chinese manufacturer should end its relationship with its Chinese supplier. I often wonder the same thing. Let me explain.  I often get called by buyers of Chinese product who… Continue Reading

Getting Started On Manufacturing In China. The Legal Basics.

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My law firm is always getting emails like the following (I got one this morning which spurred me to write this post): I’m a __________ based business owner and widget designer. I’m developing my own line of widgets and I am now preparing to move forward by sending out my samples to factories in China…. Continue Reading

China Manufacturing Agreements. Watching The Sausage Get Made.

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In going through old emails, I came across a couple from co-blogger Steve Dickinson to a client that was going to have its relatively complicated product manufactured in China. This company was engaging in outsourcing for the first time and we were assisting with the contract.  Steve’s first email was the following: Generally, a production… Continue Reading