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Chinese-English Translation Of Fifty Common Legal Words

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A long time ago (before we even started this blog, I believe) one of our summer associates, Ben Kostrzewa, compiled a Chinese-English translation of fifty common legal words. I have had that list on my computer ever since and I just come across it again and figured I would run it on here so others… Continue Reading

Chinese Law Is Not An Ass, At Least For Western Companies.

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The Off The Record Blog just did a short, sweet, blunt post on the law in China that is only half right. The post is entitled, the “The Law is an ass and there you have it.” It consists of the following quote from “a prominent Chinese lawyer during a private discussion about China’s new… Continue Reading

China’s New Bankruptcy Laws: Not Quite So Good For Business

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Last month, we posted on China’s new bankruptcy laws, scheduled for a June, 2007, enactment.  We titled that post, “China’s New Bankruptcy Laws: Good For Business,” because it looked like China would soon have a comprehensive bankruptcy code that would facilitate lending and collection.  The new law will put creditors before employees and my post… Continue Reading

China’s Expanding Courts — Enforcing The Law As Though It Matters

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China Digital Times (always an excellent source for China news) recently blogged [link no longer exists] on a Harvard Law Journal article by Columbia University Law Professor and Director of the Center for Chinese Legal Studies, Benjamin L. Liebman.  Though I remain mindful of our focus on the business aspects of China law, as opposed… Continue Reading