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A Legal Checklist For Doing Business In China

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

Clients, potential clients and/or the press are always asking our China lawyers what foreign companies doing business in China need to know to stay out of legal trouble. Since a client recently asked me to speak at his company about the legal issues of which it should be aware, I formulated the below checklist. This… Continue Reading

When In China …. China Labor Law Controls

Posted in Legal News

Just received an email from a friend stating/asking the following (note that I have changed some elements of the email to strip it of any even potentially identifying information): I am heading off again to work for a few years at our China Rep Office.  My new employment contract with the head office says that… Continue Reading

China’s Labor Laws: The Cultural Disconnect Goes Both Ways.

Posted in Legal News

Last week, I attended co-blogger Steve Dickinson’s lecture on China labor law. Steve’s lecture was part of a truly superb Doing Business in China seminar put on by Global Nav. The thrust of Steve’s speech was that labor laws in China have changed, they are being enforced against foreigners, and they are very different from… Continue Reading

The Impact Of China’s Labor Contract Law.

Posted in Legal News

By: Dan Harris and Brad Luo It has been a little over eight months since China enacted its groundbreaking new Labor Contract Law, which is just enough time to preliminarily assess its impact. The Labor Contract Law has already greatly impacted employee treatment in China and greatly impacted how Chinese employees view their rights. It… Continue Reading

Goodbye China. Good Morning Vietnam. I Don’t Think So.

Posted in China Business

One of the things we keep hearing is that small and medium sized manufacturing companies that manufacture in or outsource to China will soon be leaving China, mostly for Vietnam. China’s increasing enforcement of its environmental and labor laws, coupled with its rapidly increasing wages and its “dangerous products,” will lead a whole slew of… Continue Reading

China Law Evolving — Businesses Take Note, Part III

Posted in Legal News

A Chinese court in Heilongjang province recently awarded nineteen AIDS patients more than $1 million in compensation against those responsible for spreading the virus through contaminated blood (h/t to China Confidential).  According to Voice of America [link no longer live], Li Dan, who runs the China Orchid Project to help AIDS orphans, said, “One can now… Continue Reading

China’s Proposed Labor Law Causing Sucking Sounds

Posted in Good People

The other day I posted on China’s proposed new labor laws, in a post entitled, “China’s Proposed Labor Law: Going After Capitalists Like China, 1967.”  Got a great comment from Seoul super-lawyer, Brendan Carr, that is so good and so helpful, it deserves its own post.  So here goes, in Brendan’s own words: Korea already… Continue Reading