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Six Great Tips For Doing Business In China. Old School Is Today’s School.

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Got an email today from a reader who wanted to let us know how much a particular blog post that we did way back in 2006 had helped his company. The post this emailer was extolling was James McGregor’s China Tips and he wanted to know whether I thought all of McGregor’s advice was still relevant. Boy… Continue Reading

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About China Law. The Bibliography.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Internet, Legal News, Recommended Reading

I am going to be speaking at USC this weekend and in poring over old PowerPoints (to create a new PowerPoint for my talk), I came across one with a fairly extensive China law bibliography of some of our most helpful posts.  This bibliography is definitely slanted towards the legal issues that confront foreign companies… Continue Reading

China Joint Ventures Are Back And Contracts Are The New In Thing. The New Reality Of China Foreign Investment.

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During the first 25 years of China’s opening up process, joint ventures were the favored vehicle for FDI in China. In 2005, the favored form of investment shifted away from JVs to direct investment through WOFEs (Wholly Foreign Owned Entities). During the last year, however, foreign SMEs have been shifting away from WFOEs and back… Continue Reading

China’s Views On Investment. Part II. Joint Ventures.

Posted in China Business

By: Steve Dickinson This post is Part Two in our two part series on how Chinese companies typically view investments and how this view impacts Western companies that invest in Chinese companies, and even how this can impact all companies doing business in China. As I explained in Part One of this series, Chinese companies simply do… Continue Reading

How To Handle Chinese Negotiating Tactics

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We have been drafting an increasing number of contracts for foreign companies licensing their concept or technology for use in China. In the old days, this type of licensing was primarily in the industrial sector. These days, most of our work has been on licensing agreements in the services sector in China. Much of this… Continue Reading

Foreign Investment In Chinese Movie Theaters

Posted in China Business, China Film Industry, Legal News

China now has the second biggest box office market in the world and the third biggest film production industry in the world. As you would expect, here in China we are seeing an upsurge in foreign interest in the domestic business of movie theaters or cinemas. This interest is driven by the sheer rate of… Continue Reading

China VIEs. The End Of A Flawed Strategy. An Update/Rebuttal.

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Yesterday, co-blogger Steve Dickinson wrote a post essentially excoriating VIEs. That post went live early this morning. A few hours before our post went live, Bill Bishop (who knows as much about China’s tech industry as any human being alive) wrote a post essentially saying that those who are trashing VIEs are engaging in scare… Continue Reading

The Third Stage Of China Business. Chinese Investment In YOUR Company.

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I love it when I read something that tells me what I already knew, but simply had not realized. That happened to me today when I read  a post on the Asia Healthcare Blog by my friend and fellow-Seattleite, Benjamin Shobert, entitled, “Life Sciences Companies Go to China to Raise Capital” [link no longer exists]…. Continue Reading

Why Is China Cheaper? Truths And Myths.

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Got an email from a client/friend yesterday with a link to an Industry Week Article and a note saying that i needed to give this “CLB’s dumbest article of the month award.” We do not actually have such an award (should we?) so for that reason alone, it is not in contention. Bad articles on… Continue Reading

It’s Your Business. Not Your Chinese Partner’s.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

If you are a foreign business, it will not be easy or cheap for you to set up a business to operate legally in China. The following is just the most basic of lists of what you need to do to set up and operate legally in China: Register your legal entity in China. This… Continue Reading

The Fake China Joint Venture, Made Real Through Marriage?

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Just got this email, which is not too dissimilar from other emails and phone calls I have previously received: Like I said before, I’m really enjoying your series on China Law Blog on starting a business in China. It’s something I might try myself someday. I’d be really interested in hearing about a foreigner starting… Continue Reading

The China Joint Venture. It’s BACK!!!

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AmCham China just posted an interview here [mp3] of me regarding the return of joint ventures to China. Josh Gartner conducted the interview and he did a great job. Though joint ventures obviously never left China, there has definitely been a post-recession resurgence. Whereas in the past, most American companies that did joint ventures in… Continue Reading

China Joint Ventures And Really Bad Milk. What Can You Do?

Posted in Legal News

CLB’s own Steve Dickinson was interviewed today by New Zealand newspaper, The Dominion Post, regarding Sanlu melamine tainted milk, in an article entitled, “What Fonterra Didn’t Know.” Some facts first. Wikipedia tells us this about Fonterra: Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd (NZX: FCGHA), generally known as Fonterra, is New Zealand’s largest company by turnover. A cooperative,… Continue Reading

The Basics Of Getting Your Business Into China By WFOE/WOFE

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Great post over at DiligenceChina, entitled, “China Business Entry: Business Registration is a Group Project,” [link no longer exists]on how to get your business into China. I love the post because it is written from the perspective of a highly educated and knowledgeable businessperson (NYU MBA with substantial China business experience), rather than by a… Continue Reading

China Medical Testing Redux: P. Diddy Checks Back In

Posted in Legal News

A few weeks ago, we did a post, entitled, China’s Service Sectors Will Reign, Part IX — World’s Best for Medical Testing, touting China as the place for offshore clinical testing. A couple of readers left comments raising ethical issues arising from medical testing in China.  These issues are of such importance that we are responding… Continue Reading

Diddy Does Not Know Diddly About China Business

Posted in Legal News

I spent much of last weekend on an airplane going through stacks of documents I had been meaning to read for month. While doing so, I came across a big US government Commercial Services print-out I had picked up at a doing business in China seminar many moons ago. Darned but there was some good… Continue Reading

9spaces — China/US Business Portal

Posted in Internet, Recommended Reading

New and different Chinese business website: 9spaces.com [link no longer exists]. It has big ambitions and people and funding behind it such that it may actually realize them. 9spaces bills itself as the online portal for managing your US/China relationships, research and referrals: Starting a business in China? Looking for contacts or employees? Incorporating a… Continue Reading

Live Blogging From A Doing Business In China Seminar

Posted in China Business

I am live blogging at the 2nd Annual Doing Business in China seminar.  I am not going to be blogging on all of the speakers during the next two days, just those I find relevant to China Law Blog. Charles Payne of Chi-square Technologies, LLC, which he describes as a “biotech company with 6,000 employees and… Continue Reading

Beware The China Joint Venture

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Regular readers of this blog know I am not a big fan of Chinese joint ventures.  Though they are sometimes required under Chinese law for entry into China and they are also sometimes a near necessity for business reasons, they should generally be avoided if possible.  Some incidents over the last few months have really… Continue Reading

Update To China Counterfeiting And Piracy — The Issue And The Challenge

Posted in Legal News

Only a few hours after finishing my post on Timothy Trainer’s speech at the recent USPTO seminar on protecting your IP in China, I came across an interesting article on a Texas shoe company having problems with its China IP that quotes Mr. Trainer extensively.  Entitled, “China Slow to Pursue Fakes, Texas Shoe Company Finds,… Continue Reading