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Four Keys To A China Joint Venture That Works

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Not sure why joint ventures seem to go in waves, but our China lawyers have been getting more than usual lately. I suspect it has something to do with increased flexibility on the Chinese side as a reaction to recent fears regarding China’s economy. In any event, our recent joint venture work has gotten me… Continue Reading

How To Do A China Joint Venture. Take Your Sweet Time.

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As regular readers know, both my co-blogger (Steve Dickinson) and I have written extensively on China Joint Ventures, both here and elsewhere. This is because we find them fascinating, mostly because they are so difficult to make work. Here are some of our previous writings on joint ventures in China that focus on when to… Continue Reading

The Basics On Doing Business In China. Big Risks, Bigger Rewards?

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

Just read a CNN article entitled, China offers big risk, bigger reward.  The article quotes me and a nice range of other attorneys on what it takes for foreign companies to succeed in doing business in China — from a legal perspective.  I really like the article, but I have a beef with its title. If… Continue Reading

Eight Tips For Building Your Brand In China.

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BBC News just came out with a story entitled, How to win in China: Top brands share tips for success.  The article starts out ranking the most successful foreign brands in China, as based on a  massive Millward Brown survey on how “meaningful,” “different” or “salient” foreign brands were “and how easily they came into consumers’ minds.”… Continue Reading

China Is Getting Tougher On Foreign Business. Stay Flexible And It Will Be Just Fine…

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One of the themes of this blog for years has been that China is making things tougher for foreign businesses by increasing the strength of its business laws and by stepping up its enforcement of them against foreign companies.  We hear that the same thing is happening to Chinese domestic companies, but starting from a… Continue Reading

FICE — A China WFOE Or Joint Venture By Any Other Name.

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A couple of years ago, we did a post on FICEs, entitled, The China FICE — Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise.  The reason we did that post then (and the reason we are doing this post now) was to clear up common confusions regarding FICEs, which really are nothing more than a subset of Wholly Foreign Owned… Continue Reading

The Five Biggest Challenges To Doing Business In China

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Saw a link today on our China Law Blog Group on Linkedin (which you really should join if you have not yet done so — 7,000+ members and we keep it entirely spam-free!) to a talk by Kent Kedl, entitled, The Five Biggest Challenges to Doing Business in China.  Kent is the Managing Director, Greater China and… Continue Reading

Doing Business In China Safely. The Due Diligence Basics.

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The below comes from an article I wrote a couple years ago for a manufacturing magazine.  I am reprising it today after having just communicated with a company that could sorely have stood to have read it.  The point here is that it is possible to do business in China safely, simply by following some… Continue Reading

Hiring A Chinese Employee Without A China Company. Good Luck With That. Part II.

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A couple of years ago, we did a post on the difficulties in using “independent contractors” in China, entitled, Hiring A Chinese Employee Without A Chinese Entity. Good Luck With That. We wrote that post (and this post too) because forming a WFOE in China can be so difficult, expensive, and time-consuming, and because so many companies are… Continue Reading

On Doing Investment Research In China As A WFOE. Not Legal.

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One of the things we are always preaching on this blog is the need to first ask whether what you are proposing to do in China is legal or not. I am always telling of how a company once contacted us, bragging about the huge amount it had spent on market research and proudly proclaiming… Continue Reading

China’s Music Industry

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Our Beijing-based attorney, Mathew Alderson, is Co-Chair of AmCham China’s Media & Entertainment Forum. Each year the Forum puts together a chapter on media and entertainment for the AmCham China White Paper. As part of the research for the 2013 White Paper, Mathew interviewed Nathaniel Davis, a director of Split Works and Splatter, which are Shanghai and Beijing based live music/festival… Continue Reading

Doing Business With The New China Seminar. December 13, 2012. Seattle.

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On December 13, I will, along with Fraser Mendel, be co-chairing a seminar on “The China Market: Selling Products and Services in the New China.”  I promise you it will be an excellent seminar.  I can make this promise because I have known nearly all of the speakers for many years and I can vouch for… Continue Reading

How To Form A China Company (WFOE or JV). Hong Kong Entities. They’re Baaaaack. Part II.

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Less than a month ago, we wrote a post, entitled, How To Form A China Company (WFOE or JV). Hong Kong Entities. They’re Baaaaack. The gist of that post was that my law firm was now favoring the forming of Special Purpose Entities in Hong Kong to hold the soon to be formed Mainland China Wholly Foreign… Continue Reading

China’s Views On Investment. Part II. Joint Ventures.

Posted in China Business

By: Steve Dickinson This post is Part Two in our two part series on how Chinese companies typically view investments and how this view impacts Western companies that invest in Chinese companies, and even how this can impact all companies doing business in China. As I explained in Part One of this series, Chinese companies simply do… Continue Reading

China’s Views On Investment. Think Communism.

Posted in China Business

By: Steve Dickinson This post is part I of a two part series on why investing in Chinese companies can be so different than investing in Western companies.  In this first part, I address how the way Chinese companies typically view investment is so different from that in the West.  In Part two, I will… Continue Reading

How To Form A China Company (WFOE or JV). Hong Kong Entities. They’re Baaaaack.

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By: Steve Dickinson When making a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) or JV (Joint Venture) investment in China, the investor must consider: who will be the shareholder in the PRC entity? Will the investor invest directly, or will the investor create a special purpose subsidiary company  (an SPV or Special Purpose Vehicle/a/k/a SPE or Special… Continue Reading

Building And Operating A China Factory. Why Even Bother?

Posted in China Business, Internet

Client of mine emailed me a post on starting a factory in China and asked me if it was accurate.  I told him yes and, if anything, it had sugar-coated things.  The post was Creating a factory in China to replace your suppliers, on the Quality Inspection Tips Blog, and it essentially warned of the “huge”… Continue Reading

China Business Scams And How To Avoid Them

Posted in Basics of China Business Law

It is becoming increasingly easy to blame the “victim” of China business disasters. In my experience, when bad things happen to good people who do business in China, it is nearly always the “good” person’s fault.  Like many lawyers who work with China, I have a ready set of horror stories to illustrate this phenomenon:… Continue Reading

The Best Way To Do Business With China. Joint Venture, Rep Office, Licensing Agreement, Distributorship, Export Selling?

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Richard Brubaker over at All Roads Lead to China just did an interesting post on the return of China Joint Ventures. The post is entitled “Who is up for another round of Joint Ventures,” and its thesis is that China is getting tougher on foreigners so foreigners are reconsidering the value of a Joint Venture… Continue Reading

Top Ten China Mistakes

Posted in China Business

Came across a really good list of mistakes businesspeople make in China.  The list, entitled, “Top Ten Mistakes Businessmen Make in China,” was compiled by  Stanley Chao, of All In Consulting. It really is a nice collection of tips and I present them below, with my comments in italics. Take the trust factor out. All actions… Continue Reading

How To Handle Chinese Negotiating Tactics

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We have been drafting an increasing number of contracts for foreign companies licensing their concept or technology for use in China. In the old days, this type of licensing was primarily in the industrial sector. These days, most of our work has been on licensing agreements in the services sector in China. Much of this… Continue Reading

China Joint Ventures. Are You On The Same Page?

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When it comes to forming China joint ventures, the biggest issue is obviously whether or not it makes sense to form one. The most important question relating to whether it makes sense to form a China joint venture is usually whether you will be able to work well with your putative Chinese joint venture partner. … Continue Reading

China Joint Ventures And WFOEs. Don’t Jump The Gun On Your Capital Contribution.

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Not sure why (the bad economy?) but we have been getting a rash of China joint venture deals and possible deals over the last six months or so, many of which involve a United States company wanting to enter into a Joint Venture with their China manufacturer so as to work jointly on manufacturing and… Continue Reading