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How To Do A China Joint Venture. Take Your Sweet Time.

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As regular readers know, both my co-blogger (Steve Dickinson) and I have written extensively on China Joint Ventures, both here and elsewhere. This is because we find them fascinating, mostly because they are so difficult to make work. Here are some of our previous writings on joint ventures in China that focus on when to… Continue Reading

China’s Views On Investment. Part II. Joint Ventures.

Posted in China Business

By: Steve Dickinson This post is Part Two in our two part series on how Chinese companies typically view investments and how this view impacts Western companies that invest in Chinese companies, and even how this can impact all companies doing business in China. As I explained in Part One of this series, Chinese companies simply do… Continue Reading

China Joint Ventures Tips. You Have Been Warned.

Posted in China Business

The Foreign Entrepreneurs in China blog is in the midst of a very worthwhile three part series, entitled, “A China Joint Venture Survival Guide. 22 Facts and 22 Practical Tips.” The series is now at tips 9 through 15 and I like all of them. Not only are they good tips for those contemplating doing… Continue Reading

How Not To Write A Joint Venture Agreement

Posted in Legal News

Many moons ago, a company contacted us wanting to sue its Chinese joint venture partner for having “clearly” violated their joint venture agreement. We looked at their case and advised them not to bother pursuing it. It had nearly every hallmark of the China deal gone bad, due almost entirely to the fault of the… Continue Reading

China, We Have A Problem. A Mostly True Story.

Posted in Legal News

My firm recently wrapped up a fascinating matter (it is nearly always bad news when your lawyer describes your matter as “fascinating”). Even though the matter is nearly over, I am going to gloss over certain facts and make up other ones so as not to leave any possible identifiers. The thrust is entirely true… Continue Reading