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So You Want To Be An International (China) Lawyer, Part VI. Fuggetaboutit.

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Law schools want money. Law schools make money off their tuition. This means law schools want as many qualified students to enroll (within limits, of course) and this also means that they do not want their enrolled students to drop out. Law schools oftentimes try to entice students to enroll in their schools and to… Continue Reading

So You Want To Be An International/China Lawyer, Part V. Know The Fromm Six.

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I wrote this post in April of last year and while going through draft posts just realized that I failed to post it back then, and so I’ve updated it and I am posting it now. I get at least twenty emails every week from law students/young lawyers expressing interest in becoming an international lawyer… Continue Reading

Selling Product To China? Know Your Buyer.

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As the Yuan continues its steady gains against the Dollar, more and more of our clients are looking at selling product to China as an additional revenue stream.  Engaging in sales and shipping from the U.S. to China has its own unique challenges. Free advice — don’t be this guy. The arrest affidavit is worth a read, but the short… Continue Reading

Wanna Be A China Lawyer? Creeps Need Not Apply.

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And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply So I tucked my hair up under my hat and I went in to ask him why He said you look like a fine upstanding young man, I think you’ll do So I took off my hat I said imagine that, huh, me working… Continue Reading

So You Want To Be An International/China Lawyer? Part III

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I am frequently emailed by college students, law students and even practitioners, seeking advice on what it takes to become an international lawyer. It seems the lawyer behind the Counterfeit Chic blog (an excellent blog, BTW) gets even more of these regarding “fashion law” and she gives answers in her post, entitled, “Fashion Law.” How… Continue Reading

Entity Formation For China Real Estate Investing

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This is the second in my series detailing the presentations made at the Doing Business in China Seminar in SFO last week.  This post is on the first day presentation given by Marshall Horowitz, the head of Dreier, Stein & Kahan’s Asia Pacific Practice Group. Marshall began his career with Coudert Brothers in Hong Kong… Continue Reading

So Ya Say You Wanna China Arbitration, Well You Know

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Major apologies to John Lennon. Arbitration provisions fascinate me. They are the Rodney Dangerfield of the legal world in that they get no respect, not even among international lawyers.  This is a mistake. I can nearly always judge the legal thought that went into an agreement through its arbitration/litigation provision alone. I usually can instantly… Continue Reading

China Antitrust: In Through The Unfair Competition Door?

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The Wall Street Journal Law Blog recently did a post entitled, China Getting Hip to Antitrust, on a Chinese antitrust ruling “slated to come down.” The Wall Street Journal Blog is, in turn, based on a Fortune Magazine story by Roger Parloff. The post and the story focus on a Shanghai People’s Intermediate Court No. 1… Continue Reading

So You Want To Practice International Law/China Law? Part II

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Nearly every week, I get a couple e-mails and/or calls from earnest law students seeking pearls of wisdom regarding how to break into international law or China law.  I usually talk about the need to learn as many languages as possible and about the benefits of having lived overseas.  A couple years ago, I gave… Continue Reading

China: If You Are Not First You Are Last

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The last week or so, we did a couple of “big picture” posts on China’s future. The first, “The Rise of Great Nations/What China Wants,” discussed how China seeks to shape its future as a great power. The second, “China And Yao Ming Rising?” discussed how China sees itself among nations now and its future…. Continue Reading

Your Mold Done Gone To China And It Ain’t Never Coming Back

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This post is on production, pre-production, and prototype molding used in manufacturing, not fungi. I cannot tell you the number of times companies have contacted the China Lawyers at my firm seeking help in recovering their molds in China (Korea too). But I can tell you the number of times we have felt they had… Continue Reading

Barnett on China — Here We Go Again

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The other day, I did a post on a Thomas P.M. Barnett post in which I said the following: Thomas P.M. Barnett is one of the few people who truly understands world politics.  Among other things, he understands how countries develop.  He is not a China expert per se, but it seems every time he… Continue Reading