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Innovation In China. They Still Need Us And It Might All Just Work Out Fine.

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By:  Steve Dickinson One of China’s primary challenges is fostering technology innovation. The Chinese authorities want China to transform its industrial model from a low value added/low level technology model to the opposite. To combat stagnating economic growth and the threat of energy and resource restraints, government policy is to try to effect this change… Continue Reading

Innovation In China. Not Seeing It….

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The European Chamber of Commerce just came out with a massive report on innovation in China and its conclusion is that there’s not nearly enough of it.  The report is entitled, “Dulling the Cutting-Edge: How Patent-Related Policies and Practices Hamper Innovation in China,”[link no longer exists]  and its intent is not to “slam” China, but to… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China. What Does It Mean, Anyway?

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Since we started this blog back in 2006, we wrote of how you should expect and prepare for China wages and other prices to rise. In our very first month, way back in January, 2006, in a post entitled, “China is Booming, Go There for Growth,” we warned of rising China prices: This article discusses… Continue Reading

Innovation In China. It’s Just Incremental.

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Very interesting Reuters article, entitled, “Special report: Can China’s billions spur the next big idea?” The thesis of the article is that China is doing well with incremental innovation but is still nowhere near competing with a country like the United States on “bold” innovations. In other words, China does just fine in slightly improving… Continue Reading

Chinese Government Says: Innovate

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The Washington Post has an interesting article today on the lack of Chinese innovation, entitled, “In China, Dreams of Bright Ideas.”  The article’s subtitle, “From Top Down, A Push to Innovate,” is actually more telling, as it sums up China’s innovation problem: China is still a hierarchical country with an intrusive government. China’s government has… Continue Reading

Chinese Education Gets An F

Posted in China Business

I have watched with only mild interest the debate about the number of engineering graduates in China as compared to the United States, because, in the end, it is the quality of the graduates that really matters, not the quantity. When it comes to a quality education — the kind that drives innovation — China… Continue Reading