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Ancient China Business Scam With A New Hollywood Twist

Posted in China Film Industry, Legal News

Chinese company emails US company about buying a few million dollars of the US company’s product.  The terms of the deal are quickly worked out and the Chinese company suggests the American company go to China to sign the contract and celebrate the consummation of the deal.  The American gets to China (usually some fairly… Continue Reading

China Bank Problems

Posted in China Business

Just read an interesting China Confidential post regarding how a lack of transparency in China’s banks has permitted them to engage in fraudulent activity.  Entitled, “Big Bank Fraud Problem Looms in China,” the post posits that Chinese banks grossly under-report their bad loan problems and overstate their cash reserves.  The article is a bit sketchy… Continue Reading

Criminal Law And Business In China — A Strong Caution

Posted in Legal News

By: Steve Dickinson in “Amazing Lawyers And The Criminal Side of China Business,” we talked about the need to be careful regarding business activities the Chinese government considers criminal that are not typically seen as such in the United States or in Europe.  A reader posted a comment asking us to give some examples as… Continue Reading