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How Foreign Companies Will Be Impacted By China’s “Rebalancing”

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Received the following email this morning from a China businessperson I have known and greatly respected for many years. This is a good article on what is coming down the road for manufacturing and large service WFOEs in China. The basic goal of the CCP is to drive all private enterprise away, to be replaced… Continue Reading

Foreign Company Construction In China

Posted in Legal News

Just came across an amazingly comprehensive article on the ins and outs of foreign companies engaging in construction in China. The article is written by Ashley M. Howlett, who heads up the China construction practice at mega law firm, Jones Day. The article is entitled, “China: The Impact Of The WTO On China’s Construction, Engineering,… Continue Reading

China’s Winter Economy Rising

Posted in China Business

China View recently posted an article on its website describing a northern China boom in winter tourism. Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, and Xinjiang provinces are starting to reap the benefits of their long winters and heavy snowfalls by developing ski resorts and winter playgrounds for local and foreign tourists alike. Heilongjiang alone has 70 ski resorts that… Continue Reading

China Policy — Let Mikey (Foreigners) Do It

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We Americans of a certain age all remember the Life Cereal commercial where three brothers sit around their kitchen table worried about the new cereal their parents just brought home.  The two eldest brothers solve the problem by deciding to have the youngest, Mikey, eat the cereal becuase “he hates everything.”  Mikey ate the cereal,… Continue Reading

Foreign Business In China: Know Thine Internet Buzz

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Imagethief is such a good blog I would read it even if it were not about China.  It is a great example of what a blog should be.  It is consistently interesting, with a clear, distinct voice, and often very funny.  As a bonus, it provides great insight into China, particularly its media and its… Continue Reading

FDI — China Goes Local

Posted in Legal News

China will be giving provincial and local governments greater authority to approve foreign direct investment (FDI).  China’s Ministry of Commerce just announced that, beginning March 1, 2006, local commerce departments and state-level economic development zones will be authorized to approve the establishment of foreign invested companies. Despite this announcement, we find it hard to believe… Continue Reading