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Ten Keys For Doing Business In China. A New List.

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Okay, no sooner do I tout a list of ten keys for doing business in China but a loyal reader sends me another such list by which he swears. This list was created by Michael Witt, an INSEAD Professor of Asian Business and it makes up a Forbes article, entitled, The Ten Principles For Doing Business… Continue Reading

On Using A China Translator

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Got an email the other day from a China business consultant I know.  The email (modified a bit so as not to hide information) follows: Hello Dan, A quick question/insight into the Chinese business mind. We are set to go to China next month with a client and I suggested we hire a professional translator… Continue Reading

China IP Litigation Exploding And What That Means For Those Doing Business In China

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Just came across an interesting post with a not so interesting title on the China IPR Blog: IP Developments in Beijing.  The post starts out discussing how “due to the rapid increase in IP cases in the Beijing Number 1 Intermediate Court, particularly IP cases involving patent and trademark validity, the Beijing Intermediate Court will split its… Continue Reading

The Double Standard “Tax” On Foreign Companies Doing Business In China. What To Do?

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Just read a highly relevant post by Ben Shobert (it’s sheer coincidence that I am having lunch with him today) on The Ethical Challenges of Doing Business in China’s Healthcare Economy. Though Ben’s post focuses on health care companies, it applies to virtually all foreign companies doing business in China. Ben’s post stems from an MBA… Continue Reading

The China Legal Representative. Its Risks And Responsibilities.

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Many months ago, co-blogger Steve Dickinson was interviewed regarding the Legal Representative’s role in Chinese companies.  I was cc’ed on one of the emails regarding that interview and I am running that now because much of what was discused is helpful to foreign companies doing business in China. Question:  What are the biggest myths regarding… Continue Reading

China’s Business Press

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Just came across an interesting post on the Cha Shao Bao blog, entitled, The Nature of China’s Business Press. [link no longer exists] The post is based on a lecture by Arthur Kroeber, the managing director and head of research for Dragonomics and editor-in-chief of the China Economic Quarterly. Kroeber spoke of the dynamism of China’s… Continue Reading

China’s 2008 Olympics — What’s Politics Got To Do With It?

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I am constantly asked for my views on how the Beijing Olympics will influence China and even on how it will influence foreign companies doing business in China. My answer is always an “I do not know.” My new answer will be to direct people to read ImageThief’s new post, entitled, Did the ‘Genocide Olympics’… Continue Reading

The Chinese Are Coming, Part XVI — The Chinese Government Causes Hiccups

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Just the other day, in part 15 of these series, I expressed skepticism at the ability of Chinese companies to become big time international powerhouses any time soon. And today, I came across a Business Week article by Bruce Einhorn saying pretty much the same thing, but focusing on the technology sector. Einhorn’s article is… Continue Reading

China DOES Have IPR Protection

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With the recent U.S. filing in the WTO accusing China of failing to provide adequate protection of foreign Intellectual Property Rights, we are headed for another China/U.S. disinformation campaign on an important issue. Many foreign companies doing business in China get caught up in the confusion of the political rhetoric and conclude there is no… Continue Reading

China Moving Towards Rule of Commercial Law

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Andrew Batson at the Wall Street Journal recently did an article, entitled, China Builds Commerce Codes: Beijing Fashions Measures to Underpin Fast-Changing Economy, on how China is beefing up its legal system to equip it to handle “the demands of a complex, market-driven economy.” The National People’s Congress is expected to pass “two crucial pieces of… Continue Reading

China’s New Property Laws — What They Will Mean

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Jeremy Gordon over at China Business Services Blog has an excellent post on China’s soon-to-be enacted new property laws, entitled, The Private Property Party. The post cites extensively from a cover story in the Economist Magazine, entitled, China’s next revolution: A new property law is a breakthrough, even though it raises hopes that one-party rule may dash…. Continue Reading

China’s New Unified Tax: What It Will Mean

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Jason Subler of Reuters just came out with a very good article, entitled, China tax law to be double-edged sword for firms, discussing likely impacts of a China’s moving to a unified corporate tax system. It is widely expected China’s People’s Congress will soon unify China’s corporate tax rate at around 25 percent for both foreign… Continue Reading

China: Money In The South And Money In The North

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Excellent post at Shenzhen Undercover, entitled, Money, Money, Money, regarding the money culture in China’s North and South. To egregiously over-summarize, China’s South has historically been more focused on money and business than those in the “more cultured” North, but this is changing. Does every country have its stereotypical “money cities or regions” and its “culture… Continue Reading

Shenzhen Undercover

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Every once in a while a new blog comes along and after only a few posts, you just know it is going to be good. Shenzhen Undercover is that blog. Its tag-line is “a Chinese-American’s journey to understand China: cultural insights, Johnny Walker, politicking and toys … all while attempting to blend into the background.” This… Continue Reading

Chinese Media Ethics Wanting: Solution Found

Posted in China Business

Just came across an excellent post on media payments (see our earlier post on this here) at the Off the Record Blog, entitled, Chinese Media Ethics Wanting (II): Towards A Solution [blog no longer exists]. The post sets out the various rationalizations given by Western PR firms for making payments to Chinese journalists, refutes them one… Continue Reading

The Steep Price of China Public Relations

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My father in law managed a small town newspaper all of his working life. He loves to tell how when his son in law got picked up for some sort of small offense (I am not trying to save anyone here, but it was so inconsequential I truly do not remember what it was) the newspaper… Continue Reading

Chinese Nationalism: Want Jail Time With That?

Posted in Legal News

Only sketchy news reports so far, but it appears Shanghai police authorities have detained 22 employees of multinationals, including McDonalds, ABB, Whirlpool, and McKinsey, on bribery charges. The charges appear to have stemmed from efforts to secure technology deals and the illegal payments appear to have been made to private companies, not to the government…. Continue Reading

Boycott Time’s New China Blog

Posted in Good People

Just kidding. Give them two more weeks and if it changes, cancel the boycott. I am dead serious. It is ironic Time’s China blog [which is no more] offends me so much since its overriding goal seems to be to say nothing so as not to offend anyone. Actually, that is what offends me. Time… Continue Reading

Chinese Court Says “No” To Government — Applause Not Warranted

Posted in Legal News

The Chinese Law and Society Blog just did an interesting post, entitled Court said no to government [link no longer exists]. The post describes how a Ningbo Intermediate court overturned a lower court to hold that a local government acted illegally in “forcefully demolishing a resident’s house.” The post concludes by calling for “Thunderous Applause!” Thunderous… Continue Reading

Innovation, China Style

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Great guest commentary in today’s Wall Street Journal by Thomas Hout, a senior adviser at Boston Consulting Group’s Hong Kong office. It is entitled, Innovation, China Style, and it effectively gives lie to those who believe China will eventually “take over the world.” According to Mr. Hout, China is having considerable trouble moving from a production… Continue Reading

China Law and Governance Review Resumes Publication

Posted in Internet, Legal News

The China Law and Governance Review has resumed publication (h/t to The Chinese Law Professor Blog). This online magazine (with plans to add a print version) published a couple issues back in 2004 and then ceased. It describes itself as follows: As a keen observer of China, we think that you will find the China… Continue Reading

Sneak Peak On China 2007

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Just came across another thoughtful set of predictions for China 2007, this one from Shu-Ching Jean Chen of Forbes Magazine: “The Chinese Communist Party will continue to entrench its one-party rule. It is pursuing a Singapore-model, both on the mainland and in Hong Kong, of managing two seemingly contradictory tasks: ruthlessly stamping out political dissent… Continue Reading

China: A Wok In Progress

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Mary-Anne Toy, the Sydney Herald’s Beijing correspondent just did a nice summary/prognostication article for the Herald, entitled, Despite its high expectations, China remains a wok in progress. The article begins by quoting The China Economic Quarterly to the effect that: “For the most part China remains what it has long been: a large country, inhabited… Continue Reading

China Law Blog Sliding: Adds The Humanaught To Blog List

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Explanation required. When I started this blog nearly a year ago, I vowed our blogroll would be sacrosanct. This is a blog about law and business in China and there would be no what I call observational blogs on my blogroll. This blog would focus on foreign companies doing business in China and the people… Continue Reading