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China Food Safety And Sustainability. Not So Fishy.

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In working with a United States fishing company that is looking to expand its operations in China, I came across a very thoughtful article on food safety in China’s fishing industry.  The article is written by a respected publisher in the seafood industry, and someone I have known for years: John Sackton of Seafood.com.  The… Continue Reading

China’s Contaminated Food. Already Arrived At A Grocery Near You.

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A few months ago, I received an email asking me to detail the foods in the United States that either come from China or have Chinese ingredients. I very quickly responded that I knew it was many, but that I had absolutely no clue which ones. The reader then responded by saying that I was… Continue Reading

China Food Safety. Hong Kong As Safety Valve.

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An interesting thing is happening on the “border” between Hong Kong and China. Nothing. Let me explain. Like virtually all countries, China has various limits and duties relating to what can be brought into the country. China is generally quite good at enforcing these limits and duties. Except for quite some time now it has… Continue Reading

China Food Safety. It Ain’t Working And We Told You So.

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Two years ago, China Law Blog’s Steve Dickinson wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal, entitled, “Food Fumble: China can’t regulate away its safety problems.” In that piece, Steve posited that China’s new food regulations would do little to nothing to improve China’s food safety: All this activity looks good on paper, but it… Continue Reading

China: Don’t Drink The Water Don’t Breathe The Air, Don’t Eat The Food And Don’t Wear The Shoes

Posted in China Business

I hate stories like this. I can remember the first time I went to the Russian Far East around ten years ago. I landed in Vladivostok and was picked up at the airport by a driver who my law firm’s Russian specialist assured me would take good care of me. The driver came with his own… Continue Reading