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A Jing Ulrich Podcast On China’s Economy

Posted in Recommended Reading

On the recommendation of a loyal reader, I just listened to Jing Ulrich talk about China’s economy over at China Money Podcast.  Ms. Ulrich heads up Global Markets at J.P. Morgan and I definitely put her on the very short list of those discussing China’s economy who actually know whereof they speak. If you want… Continue Reading

Is China Going Green? — Part VI — So Green It Will Hurt

Posted in China Business, Legal News

Interesting article today in the China Economic Review, entitled “Environmental Crackdown Could Raise Prices.”  According to the article, the Chinese government’s increasingly tough environmental standards likely will soon cause price increases: Stringent new environmental laws affecting the petrochemicals sector could result in price rises for clothes, household goods and other plastic products.  The [Chinese] State… Continue Reading