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China’s Energy Challenge, Part Two

Posted in China Business

By:  Steve Dickinson This is Part Two of a three part  series on China’s energy challenge.  This series arises from the White Paper on China Energy Policy 2012 that the PRC State Council put out last month, right before the 18th Party Congress. The White Paper sets out China’s current situation and then maps out China’s energy plans for… Continue Reading

China’s Energy Challenge

Posted in China Business

By: Steve Dickinson In October of this year, the Information Office of the PRC State Council published its White Paper on China Energy Policy 2012. The White Paper outlines the current state of energy production and consumption in China and China’s future energy plans. Since energy is critical to economic growth in any country, it… Continue Reading

China Opportunities

Posted in China Business

I speak at so many China events and I attend even more. I typically bring my iPad and when I find a topic or speaker particularly interesting, I tap away. I just found this on my iPad and though I have no idea who said it, I like it and I agree with it. The… Continue Reading

Is China Going Green, Part IX? — GE Certainly Thinks So

Posted in Legal News

General Electric (GE) just announced (h/t to the World Changing Blog) it will be investing $50 million in China green technology research.  Energy efficiency and water filtration research are among its planned projects. I have said it before (after all, this is part IX), and I will say it again: the opportunities in China for… Continue Reading