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Making Money Off China’s Wealthy In The Comfort Of The United States

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The Wall Street Journal did a story by Wei Gu on the spending habits of Chinese tourists when overseas.  No surprise, they are buying tons of luxury goods. As Wei Gu so aptly puts it: When Chinese go abroad, they are transformed from obsessive savers and bargain hunters into serious shoppers, much to the joy… Continue Reading

Doing Business With China. The Ten Keys.

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A friend emailed me a post the other day and asked me if I agreed with him that it was the “most helpful post your blog has done for helping foreign companies doing business with China.” My response was that I wasn’t sure, but that it certainly ranked up there and that it had been… Continue Reading

China Fraud. You Are NOT Immune To This One.

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One month ago, in China Fraud Season Starts Early This Year, we wrote about seeing a massive increase in frauds emanating from China.  I write again regarding one of those frauds because just since last month, we have dealt with two instances of that fraud and one of those involved a very sophisticated client of… Continue Reading

China Fraud Season Starts Early This Year.

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Last December, in a post entitled, Payment Fraud In China. This Season’s Edition, we wrote of how it has “become somewhat of a December tradition to write about China payment scams in December because history shows this is the biggest month for those.  Last December, it was Ancient China Business Scam. Back With A Vengeance This Season.” This… Continue Reading

China Law Blog AmCham Presentation. September 24, 2013. The Real Story.

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Co-blogger Steve Dickinson and I will be giving a presentation at AmCham (Beijing) on September 24, from noon until 2 p.m.  AmCham just posted this event but I do not think its posting (which we did not review before it went live) is quite clear enough on what we will be discussing. So I will… Continue Reading

How To Write A China Contract. Arbitration Versus Litigation. Part II. Trade Secrets.

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About a week ago, we did a post, entitled, How To Write A China Contract. Arbitration Versus Litigation. Say Where?  That post discussed an issue that had been raised on China Group on Linkedin, (which just hit 7,700+ members): which forum is better for resolving disputes with Chinese companies, the courts or arbitration?  Our post came… Continue Reading

On Getting Chinese Clients. A Call For Help.

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Ancient as it may seem, this blog still has around 1,000 people who read us via email.  Many of those readers have been subscribing virtually since our inception in January, 2006.  What I have always liked about email subscribers is their ability to respond directly to us (and our posts) simply by writing a responsive… Continue Reading

Ubiquitous China. The Pentwater/Ludington/Muskegon Edition.

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Many years ago, a friend of mine came to me with a plan to start a blog on how China impacts American lives, both knowingly and, more often, unknowingly. His blog would discuss China’s influence on American politics, economics, culture, food, media, etc. I liked the idea and suggested he name his blog “Ubiquitous China.”… Continue Reading

Doing Business In The New China

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Let me start out by saying that I realize how ridiculous the term “New China” is.  First off, what does it mean?  I don’t know.  Second, if it means anything, it means that China today is not like it was yesterday, which has of course always been true, not just of China, but of everywhere…. Continue Reading

Doing Business In China. Seize The Day.

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A friend of mine sent me an article today on how “mid-market” American companies are not doing enough to take advantage of money making opportunities in China. The article is entitled Still figuring out China and it starts out noting how America’s share of imports into China has shrunk from to 7% from 10% in 2000 and this… Continue Reading

China MOU. Like I Really Care.

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I was interviewed the other day by CBC Radio out of Canada for a story on the “Perils of Signing an MOU.”  The topic was the meaning of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between American and Chinese companies.  Andrew Kurjata conducted the interview and he reaffirmed for me what I have already observed first-hand: Canadian… Continue Reading

Protecting Against Trademark Infringement in China. The Basics For Fashion Apparel.

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A few weeks ago, one of the lawyers in my office, emailed me an article co-written by a law school friend. The article was on trademark infringement in the clothing industry and on what clothing companies/fashion companies should do to protect their China trademarks, written by Yujing Shu and Hai-Ching Yang of KLGates. The note with the email said… Continue Reading

A Webinar For Companies/Inside Counsel Doing Business With China. February 20, 2013.

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On February 20 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, I will be co-presenting a China law webinar, along with Andrea Charters, Vice President and Associate General Counsel of Rosetta Stone Inc. LexisNexis is sponsorig this webinar and, incredibly enough, it is entirely free. We will be gearing our presentations towards in house counsel and together we will be addressing the… Continue Reading

On Getting A Fixed Price From Your China Supplier. Don’t Bother?

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Spoke with a US manufacturer the other day regarding the OEM Agreement we are working on for him.  This manufacturer has been manufacturing in China for about a decade and he quickly let me know that one of the things that drives him nuts is how his Chinese manufacturers “change prices” on him, no matter… Continue Reading

Selling In And Into China. Four Good Tips And Mine.

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The New York Times has an excellent article on doing business in China. The article is entitled, “New Path for Trade: Selling in China,” and it is replete with good advice.  Except mine. Let me explain. The article is on selling goods in or into China and it talks of the great opportunities there and… Continue Reading

Doing Business In China Just Got Even Tougher

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I have known Janet Carmosky for going on a decade now and I’d be willing to stack her China business knowledge up against anyone’s.  And not only does she know China business, but she is one of those people who just seems congenatillay incapable of pulling any punches.  I am a huge fan of hers,… Continue Reading

Doing Business With The New China Seminar. December 13, 2012. Seattle.

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On December 13, I will, along with Fraser Mendel, be co-chairing a seminar on “The China Market: Selling Products and Services in the New China.”  I promise you it will be an excellent seminar.  I can make this promise because I have known nearly all of the speakers for many years and I can vouch for… Continue Reading

China Domain Name Scams. It’s Still A Scam!

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We wrote on China domain name scams last year, but since we are seeing an increase in these from our clients and readers, we are going to write on it again.  Just about everyone doing business in China or doing business with China gets or will get one or more of the following: 1.  Preventing… Continue Reading

China’s Economy Is Down. Your Opportunities Are Up?

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Twice in the last week, clients told me that their China sales had greatly increased in the last few months due to (not in spite of) China’s economic and other problems.  One of these companies sells a high end (but definitely not top of the line) home item.  The other sells industrial testing equipment. Both have… Continue Reading

Successful Sourcing From China. The PowerPoint

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A number of people have e-mailed requesting that we post the PowerPoint from Dan’s recent presentation on how to succeed in sourcing product from China.  Though I am a bit reluctant to do so, since much of the key points of my talk are not on the PowerPoint, I am caving into popular pressure and… Continue Reading

What The Chinese Consumer Wants. Hint: They Were Not “Born In The U.S.A.”

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Just finished reading Tom Doctoroff’s book, What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and the Modern Chinese Consumer.  I knew I would love it and I did.  I knew I would love it because I’ve been reading Doctoroff’s Huffington Post posts for years and I have found him easily to be one of the most insightful people… Continue Reading

Selling Your Product Into China. What You Need To Know.

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ABC News is pushing (I received two different emails from ABC on it) a Diane Sawyer/ABC News clip entitled, “‘Made in America’ Products Selling in China.” Though it is the proverbial 3.28 minute puff piece, it is right on the big picture. There are huge opportunities to sell American product and American products are viewed… Continue Reading

How To Get A US Visa For Someone From China

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  One of our clients recently asked for our help “making sure” it could get a U.S. visa for one of its China-based Chinese managers. The client wanted this manager to come to the United States for two months of training. Our client had heard from a friend in a similar situation that it was… Continue Reading