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China Is Getting Tougher On Foreign Business. Stay Flexible And It Will Be Just Fine…

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One of the themes of this blog for years has been that China is making things tougher for foreign businesses by increasing the strength of its business laws and by stepping up its enforcement of them against foreign companies.  We hear that the same thing is happening to Chinese domestic companies, but starting from a… Continue Reading

China’s Changing Economy And What It Means For You

Posted in China Business

Excellent economic analysis of China by Yiping Huang, a professor of Economics at Peking University and at the China Economy Program at the Australian National University and Barclay Bank Hong Kong’s Chief Economist for Asia.  His analysis can be found in an EastAsiaForum article, entitled, “China’s New Growth,” in which Huang talks of how the Chinese government is… Continue Reading

China Distribution Agreements: Exclusivity Is NOT Required

Posted in Legal News

I spoke last week on China IP at Columbia University. During my talk, I mentioned how common it is for the Chinese side in a licensing or a joint venture deal (or really any deal) to claim that the law requires the foreign company to transfer ownership of IP for the deal to go through…. Continue Reading

Selling Your Product To China Through A Distributor. Just The Basics.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

My law firm has probably written more product distribution agreements in the last year than in the three years proceeding. There are two main reasons for this.  First, China’s increasing wealth (despite the slowdown) directly translates to increasing demand for quality foreign product.  Second, we are dealing with a “second wave” of foreign companies, not… Continue Reading

Getting Your Product Into China Via Distributorship. A Legal Piece Of Cake.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

Our China lawyers often get calls from companies that want to get their product into China or increase sales there. Many times, these companies are under the false impression that they have two choices: go it alone via a China WFOE or form a joint venture with a Chinese company. Entering into a distributorship relationship with… Continue Reading

Good Lawyers Gone Bad On China. What Were They Thinking?

Posted in Legal News

I have never written a will, not even for friends or family. I have never handled a DUI, a divorce, or a real estate closing, not even for friends or family. I have never negotiated with a union, drafted a pension plan, or handled a debtor-side bankruptcy. I could go on for pages listing out… Continue Reading