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Is China’s Housing Market Heading Towards A Crash?

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A loyal reader forwarded me a 43-page law journal article by Professor Gregory M. Stein and asked me what I thought.  The article is entitled “Is China’s Housing Market Heading Toward a US-Style Crash?” and it was last revised in late September 2012.  Stein is a very esteemed professor of law (mostly real estate) at… Continue Reading

China Real Estate. Is It Different This Time?

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I had dinner last night with two Chinese from Nanjing and two Americans.  The two Americans are both fluent in Chinese and have each spent well over a decade living and doing business in China.  The same is true of the two Chinese.  I greatly respect all four of these people. The topic of China… Continue Reading

The Impacts Of China’s Real Estate Crash. A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall.

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This is part II of a series of an occasional series of posts we will be running here on what our lead China lawyer, Steve Dickinson, is seeing of China’s real estate market, based on his living “on the ground” in Qingdao. Here it is: By: Steve Dickinson There are two types of real estate… Continue Reading