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How To Avoid China Corruption Charges

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Internet

It has been about a month since China’s police accused GlaxoSmithKline’s former head of China operations of making  illegal payments to Chinese doctors to boost GSK drug sales. Last fall witnessed the high-profile trial, conviction, and life sentence of Bo Xilai, the former head of the Chongqing Communist Party, on bribery charges. These two cases send a clear… Continue Reading

Doing Business In China Without An Anti-Corruption Compliance Program? Are You Crazy?

Posted in Legal News

Sorry for the strong title on this post, but a recent Department of Justice (DOJ) case and China’s recent relentless crackdown on corruption mandates it. The recent DOJ case was against Marubeni, a large Japanese trading company. The DOJ secured jurisdiction over Marubeni because some of the money used to bribe Indonesian government officials passed… Continue Reading

Why China Is Better Than Russia For Business

Posted in China Business, Internet

My friend Kent Kedl co-wrote an article for the Moscow Times today, entitled, Why Russia Is Just as Good as China.  In that article, Kent (who knows China as well as anyone) tries to argue that businesses should be just as interested in Russia as they are in China and that corruption in Russia is no… Continue Reading

Rule One For Doing Business In China. No Bribery. Rule Two, Make Sure Of It.

Posted in Legal News

Thank you GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).  Though I have zero idea whether GSK is guilty of anything in China, I do know that the media’s near daily coverage of the bribery allegations against it has made my job as a China lawyer much easier. Let me explain. One of the issues we constantly face as lawyers that… Continue Reading

Myths About China Law And Business

Posted in China Business, Legal News

Been a bit consumed preparing for a China seminar I am co-hosting.  Today I spoke with Sage Brennan, one of the consumer products panelists and we ran through some possible questions.  I threw out the following question as a possibility:  “What are some of the most pervasive myths you see about the Chinese consumer.”  Sage’s… Continue Reading

China’s Train Wreck. I’m Not The Guy.

Posted in China Business

I have a policy that if I receive five or more emails asking me to write on something, I will write on it. I very intentionally have not written on China’s recent train crash, but I have received well over five mails either suggesting I do so, or calling me out for not having done… Continue Reading

China Corruption By The Numbers.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

I gave a talk yesterday at a China seminar on litigating against Chinese companies in which I discussed suing Chinese companies in China. At one point, while musing about the cases my firm has overseen in China I remarked that I was not aware of any cases having been decided based on corruption. I then… Continue Reading

THE Book On The FCPA, Including China.

Posted in Legal News

New York mega-firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed (home of eDiscovery guru and friend Ross Lipman) has just come out with its incredibly current, helpful and thorough “FCPA/Anti-Bribery Mid-Year Alert 2010” [link no longer exists](h/t The FCPA Blog). If you are doing business in or with China or with any foreign country, you must put this… Continue Reading

China: Corrupt Me. Corrupt Me Not.

Posted in China Business

Transparency International just came out with its newest ranking of countries by corruption and China comes in tied with Morocco, Suriname, India, Peru, and Brazil for 72nd out of the 179 countries rated. China’s ranking (at least as compared with those countries of which I have familiarity) seems about right to me. Denmark, New Zealand… Continue Reading

China’s Anti-Bribery Laws Rising

Posted in Legal News

CFO Magazine has an interesting article on China’s anti-bribery laws, entitled, Corrupt or Careless? Written by Don Durfee, its tag-line is that “Enforcement of China’s anti-bribery laws is on the rise, and foreign companies could easily be on the wrong side of Chinese law without knowing it. The article starts out by briefly describing the Shanghai… Continue Reading

Make More Money By Ending China Kickbacks

Posted in Legal News

Would that it were so easy. Kickback schemes are rampant in China.  If you have Chinese employees and you buy or sell product in China, there is a good chance you are losing money from kickbacks and perhaps even violating Chinese and U.S. (or European laws). American Public Media’s Marketplace just did a brief radio… Continue Reading

Chinese Nationalism: Want Jail Time With That?

Posted in Legal News

Only sketchy news reports so far, but it appears Shanghai police authorities have detained 22 employees of multinationals, including McDonalds, ABB, Whirlpool, and McKinsey, on bribery charges. The charges appear to have stemmed from efforts to secure technology deals and the illegal payments appear to have been made to private companies, not to the government…. Continue Reading

China: A Wok In Progress

Posted in China Business

Mary-Anne Toy, the Sydney Herald’s Beijing correspondent just did a nice summary/prognostication article for the Herald, entitled, Despite its high expectations, China remains a wok in progress. The article begins by quoting The China Economic Quarterly to the effect that: “For the most part China remains what it has long been: a large country, inhabited… Continue Reading

Shanghai Corruption, Beijing Battles And The Fight For China Leadership

Posted in Recommended Reading

Newsweek International just came out with a long, thoughtful piece on the broader significance of the Shanghai corruption scandal.  Entitled, “Beijing Battle: The ouster of Shanghai’s powerful party chief may be the first salvo in the battle for supremacy among the next generation of Chinese leaders,” [link no longer exists] the article views (rightfully I… Continue Reading

Vietnam — Tastes Like China Lite

Posted in China Business, Internet

My mother, bless her heart, ALWAYS orders chicken whenever she eats dinner out.  Those few times I’ve convinced her to order something else, she ends up saying it “tastes like chicken” anyway.  I mention this because I worry that I am doing the same thing with Vietnam in comparing it to China. But I cannot… Continue Reading

China’s Golden Cities — The Private Sector Is A Good Thing

Posted in China Business

Newsweek International just ran a story, entitled, “China’s Golden Cities,” [link no longer exists] on the preliminary results of a World Bank study indicating China’s cities are doing much better than widely believed, and not just those cities on the coast.  The study is based on a survey of 12,400 Chinese companies in 120 Chinese… Continue Reading