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China’s Internet And Protecting Your China IP

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A few months ago, a couple of our China lawyers did a project for a company looking for various ways to bring its internet game to China.  Now that the project is over, I cleaned up my files and came across an initial email interaction between the client and me, that went something like the… Continue Reading

Doing Business In China. Not That Bad.

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Back in April last year, I spoke at an Economist Magazine Business Without Borders event on China.  I mostly spoke about intellectual property protections in China, but my introduction dealt with China’s legal system as a whole.  Video of my introduction (but not the whole talk, near as I can tell) is online and was… Continue Reading

A Webinar For Companies/Inside Counsel Doing Business With China. February 20, 2013.

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On February 20 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, I will be co-presenting a China law webinar, along with Andrea Charters, Vice President and Associate General Counsel of Rosetta Stone Inc. LexisNexis is sponsorig this webinar and, incredibly enough, it is entirely free. We will be gearing our presentations towards in house counsel and together we will be addressing the… Continue Reading

How To Protect Your IP From China. Part 5.

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This is the final part of a series arising from a speech I gave last month at a biotechnology conference in Washington DC. In How To Protect Your IP From China. Part 1, I mostly looked at the risks China poses to intellectual property and very generally on how companies can determine how those risks should… Continue Reading

Another China WTO Loss. Another Nail In The Coffin Of World Trade.

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By: Steve Dickinson Preserving its track record of major defeats before the WTO, China recently lost its appeal of the WTO panel decision in the minerals export case. The appeal decision was issued on January 30 and can be found here. Briefly stated, the original panel report held that Chinese export duties and export quotas… Continue Reading

Who Should Own Your China IP? Maybe Not You.

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We have been handling way more than the usual number of disputes between our clients and Chinese companies. In a number of these cases, our clients paid money to Chinese factories with whom they had been doing business for years and the Chinese factories simply refused to send over any product. These Chinese companies claimed… Continue Reading

Patent Litigation In China. The Book. And It Is Good….

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Though i keep saying this, I will say it again: there are now a number of really good practice-oriented English language books on Chinese law. I can remember not so long ago when people would ask me to recommend books to help them better understand what they needed to know regarding China Law and my… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Intellectual Property In China, Part I.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

This post is part I of what is going to be a multi-part, somewhat irregular series on protecting your IP in China. This part I and tomorrow’s part II, were written by Steve Dickinson, and are based in large part on a talk Steve gave last week in Qingdao. Over the last couple of years,… Continue Reading

China IP — The Best Protection Is Prevention

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A client recently directed me to a U.S. government web site on IP protection in China and asked me if it is accurate.  Not only is it accurate, but it does as good a job as I have seen in distilling the basics of China IP law into a readable form. Entitled, The Best Protection… Continue Reading

A Legal Checklist For China Business

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Lawyers love checklist and China lawyers are, of course, no exception. Me, I love clients, not only because they are the lifeblood of my law firm and thus my livelihood, but also because they so often are the ones who stimulate the ideas for this blog. I just spoke with a client who asked me… Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS: CLB’s Steve Dickinson To Appear On CCTV To Discuss China IP

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On Thursday, April 19, China time, China Law Blog’s own China lawyer, Steve Dickinson, will be appearing on CCTV International’s Dialogue program to discuss China intellectual property protection (trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets). The focus of the show will be on China’s current regime for protecting IP and, in particular, its impact on foreign… Continue Reading

Protecting Your China IP By Forum Shopping

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Excellent article over at Managing Intellectual Property, entitled, Forum shopping comes to China [link no longer exists].  (h/t to IP Dragon). It’s written by four lawyers from mega law firm, Jones Day: Benjamin Bai, Tony Chen, Xiang Wang, and Peter Wang, with research assistance from Lisheng Hao. The article’s tag-line is “that sophisticated Chinese companies accused of… Continue Reading

China Medical Testing Redux: P. Diddy Checks Back In

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A few weeks ago, we did a post, entitled, China’s Service Sectors Will Reign, Part IX — World’s Best for Medical Testing, touting China as the place for offshore clinical testing. A couple of readers left comments raising ethical issues arising from medical testing in China.  These issues are of such importance that we are responding… Continue Reading

China’s Service Sector Will Reign, Part VII — Typical Legal Considerations

Posted in Legal News

In Part IV of this series, we talked about the growth in foreign service businesses in China and their continued opportunities. In Part V, I talked about the legal framework of foreign service businesses in China. In Part VI, I talked about forming a Chinese entity (typically a WFOE) for a foreign service business. This… Continue Reading

Diddy Does Not Know Diddly About China Business

Posted in Legal News

I spent much of last weekend on an airplane going through stacks of documents I had been meaning to read for month. While doing so, I came across a big US government Commercial Services print-out I had picked up at a doing business in China seminar many moons ago. Darned but there was some good… Continue Reading

9spaces — China/US Business Portal

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New and different Chinese business website: 9spaces.com [link no longer exists]. It has big ambitions and people and funding behind it such that it may actually realize them. 9spaces bills itself as the online portal for managing your US/China relationships, research and referrals: Starting a business in China? Looking for contacts or employees? Incorporating a… Continue Reading

How To Protect Your Copyright In China

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According to Xinhua, the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court just issued a favorable ruling on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, Universal City Studios and Columbia Pictures in a copyright infringement action. The court ordered the Beijing Shiji Haihong Commerce and Trade Company to pay damages of 164,000 yuan (20,500 US dollars)… Continue Reading

Cover Your Bases In China By Covering Your IP

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The All Roads Lead to China Blog just did a post, entitled, “Cover Your Bases. Cover Your Patents,” on the need to protect your intellectual property (patents, trademarks, and copyrights) in China.  The post starts out by describing the extent of the problem: Ask anyone who has worked in China, traveled to a trade show,… Continue Reading

When Your IP Is In China . . . .

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Just read a very practical article in Legal Times, entitled, “When Your IP is Far Away,” written by Bruce F. Metge, an attorney with East Coast mega-firm Mintz Levin.  The article is appropriately subtitled, “To safeguard IP assets in an outsourcing deal, develop a strong contract and an even stronger business relationship.” Nothing revelatory here,… Continue Reading

Nokia Brings China IP Lawsuit — Nokia Is Smart

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Finnish communications giant, Nokia, just brought an intellectual property lawsuit in Beijing Court against two Shenzhen-based Chinese phone manufacturers, Shenzhen Telsda Mobile Communication Industry Developing Co. Ltd and Song Xun Da Zhong Ke Electronic (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Nokia also named the distributors of the offending phones, Beijing Tongwanbao Commerce & Trade Co. Ltd An Wai… Continue Reading

IP Dragon Returns From China IP Conference With Notes

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The IP Dragon blog, which focuses on China intellectual property rights (IPR), today posted what it calls “the first installment of a series” on The IP in China Conference, just concluded in London. To summarize: 1.  Most of the speakers agreed China was working to improve intellectual property protection.  The speakers said many small and… Continue Reading