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China Joint Ventures. Watching The Sausage Get Made.

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Not sure why (the still bad economy?) but my law firm has been getting a rash of China joint venture deals and possible deals over the last six months or so. ¬†Many of these have involved a United States company that wants to enter into a Joint Venture with its China manufacturer so as to… Continue Reading

How To Write A Chinese Contract That Works. Part II.

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A member of our China Law Blog Group on Linkedin left the following comment (modified slightly) regarding Chinese company names, prompting this post: Recently I happened to meet with a Chinese lawyer in Qingdao who told me about how the Province [Shangdong] registers the Chinese name of a company. The companies are registered only with… Continue Reading

China Due Diligence. Review The Chinese Company Seal Cause It Matters.

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Nearly a year ago, we wrote about the importance of including “seal confirmation” in your China due diligence: One of our recurring themes is the need for due diligence when working on any business matters in China. Most foreign companies think of due diligence only when they are planning to make an investment. Most companies… Continue Reading

How To Write A Chinese Contract That Works.

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If you want to greatly increase your chances of being able to enforce your contract with your Chinese counter-party, you should do the following (you should do a lot more than this, both within and outside your contract, but I am limiting this post to just those things directly related to being able to enforce… Continue Reading

Is This China Contract Valid?

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We are constantly getting calls/emails from companies that have contracted with a Chinese company and then get cold feet regarding the validity of their contracts. After we explain to them how it is better to contact us before they sign the contract, we answer their questions. Here are three that epitomize the sorts of questions… Continue Reading