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Myanmar Foreign Investment. Difficult And Expensive, But Opportunities Are There.

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Last year around this time, co-blogger Steve Dickinson and I were in Yangon, Myanmar, assisting a company in figuring out whether to go into the country and, if so, how.  We were there with Bob Walsh who studied Burmese in the Army and has maintained a close interest in the country ever since and has… Continue Reading

Forming A China WFOE. How Long Will That Be Going On?

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More from the Doing Business in China Seminar I co-moderated last week. My law firm does a considerable business in forming China WFOEs.  Unlike forming a company in the United States, which costs very little in out of pocket costs (always less than USD$1000) and takes almost no time at all (a few days at… Continue Reading

Registering Companies In China. Kafka Is In the Building.

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One of the things we as lawyers face in trying to register companies, trademarks, licensing agreements, etc., in China are what I call the “little rules.”  Does a document need to be notarized?  Does it need to be appostilled?  Does it need to be consularized?  And if so, how must that document be notarized, appostilled,… Continue Reading