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China Contracts Make Sense

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I am constantly asked whether it makes sense to bother having a written contract with a Chinese company.  This question is usually followed by the statement that Chinese companies “never follow their contracts” or that “it is impossible to enforce a contract in a Chinese court, anyway.” I always give the following answer: It absolutely… Continue Reading

How To Write A Chinese Contract That Works. Part II.

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A member of our China Law Blog Group on Linkedin left the following comment (modified slightly) regarding Chinese company names, prompting this post: Recently I happened to meet with a Chinese lawyer in Qingdao who told me about how the Province [Shangdong] registers the Chinese name of a company. The companies are registered only with… Continue Reading

On Advertising With Baidu. A Contract Analysis.

Posted in Internet, Legal News

We recently analyzed what we understand to be Baidu’s standard documents for those who wish to market their products or services on Baidu.  Because so many foreign companies are marketing on Baidu, we thought the following report might prove helpful. Baidu’s advertising contract is composed of the following three basic documents: The Chinese/English Order (“Order”)… Continue Reading

Forming a China WFOE — Getting Started

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Cheating a bit here, but since I am on the road, I cannot help it.  I’m cheating because this post is nothing more than the typical email we send to our clients at the commencement of our work for them in forming a China WFOE.  But I don’t feel bad because what better way to… Continue Reading

China As Though Language Matters

Posted in China Business

Interesting post on the China Business Leadership blog, entitled, “China — The Language Barrier,” regarding how language can play out in China employment situations. The post talks of a manager who insisted on speaking English to his Chinese staff even though many did not understand him. It then talks of the pros and cons of… Continue Reading

Why Non Disclosures (NDAs) Alone Are Not Enough For China, Part II. At Least Make It Enforceable.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

This is part II of our series on what are commonly referred to as non disclosure agreements or NDAs. In Part I, “Why Non Disclosures (NDAs) Alone Are Not Enough For China,” we talked about how many companies are using inadequate, off the shelf American NDAs in China. Those agreements are inadequate for three primary… Continue Reading

Fifty Most Common Legal Words — English/Chinese

Posted in Legal News

The China Speed blog just did a post, entitled, “The Fifty Big Legal Words,” setting forth the English to Chinese (and, therefore, Chinese to English as well) translations of fifty commonly used legal words.  China Speed “would wholeheartedly not recommend using this list to draft the contract for your billion dollar joint venture or your… Continue Reading

Free China Legal Advice: Do Not Sign A Contract You Do Not Understand

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The official language of China is Chinese.  If you sign a contract written in Chinese it is a valid contract whether you understand Chinese or not. Rule Number One for doing business in China: do not sign a contract in Chinese unless you know exactly what it says as you will be bound by that… Continue Reading

The Chinese Name Game — Google/Gu-Ge

Posted in China Business, Internet

One of the things I love about writing this blog is the opportunity it gives me to read China posts by bloggers with completely different perspectives on China than mine.  The other day I came across an excellent post on the Journal Of Intercultural Learning, entitled “Cultural Implications of Google’s New Chinese Name.” The post… Continue Reading