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China Branded Products In The United States. When Will They Find True Love?

Posted in China Business

Many years ago, a company that manufactured outdoor products that it sold in hardware stores across America came to us with the following problem: Its Chinese manufacturer had (through a straw person) registered in China about a dozen trademarks that our new client used on its outdoor products.  More importantly, the Chinese manufacturer had just… Continue Reading

On Getting Chinese Clients. A Call For Help.

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Ancient as it may seem, this blog still has around 1,000 people who read us via email.  Many of those readers have been subscribing virtually since our inception in January, 2006.  What I have always liked about email subscribers is their ability to respond directly to us (and our posts) simply by writing a responsive… Continue Reading

How To Write A China Contract. Arbitration Versus Litigation. Say Where?

Posted in Legal News

If you are not a member of our China Law Blog Group on Linkedin, you should be. Put simply, we have great discussions on China law and China business among our 7600+ members and there is never any spam. I guarantee it. One of our latest and greatest discussions is on a topic near and… Continue Reading

China Contracts Make Sense

Posted in Legal News

I am constantly asked whether it makes sense to bother having a written contract with a Chinese company.  This question is usually followed by the statement that Chinese companies “never follow their contracts” or that “it is impossible to enforce a contract in a Chinese court, anyway.” I always give the following answer: It absolutely… Continue Reading

China Business (Huawei) Puts Money Over Politics. Hmmmm.

Posted in Internet, Recommended Reading

Very interesting Wall Street Journal article on how Huawei Technologies Company, China’s hugely successful telecommunications- equipment maker, will be scaling back its dealing with Iran. I see this as a potentially very important milestone in that it seems to indicate that in some circumstances, even Chinese companies widely believed to be “tight” with Beijing will… Continue Reading

US-Listed Chinese Companies. Let’s Watch The Sausage Get Made.

Posted in China Business, Internet, Legal News

As we are always saying, you can win all the cases you want against Chinese companies in United States courts, but getting them to pay is another thing. Yet the march of Chinese companies to US stock market listings may be changing that ever so slightly. For small-time Chinese firms used to doing business on… Continue Reading

China’s Leading Global Brands — Are You Serious?

Posted in China Business

Very few dispute that Chinese companies have a ways to go in building their brands globally.  Among China’s leading global brands there’s Lenovo and….. Today’s People’s Daily has a story on how The World League of Productivity Science, the Chinese Association of Productivity Science and the Chinese delegates to the 14th session of the World… Continue Reading

Shangri-La And Charging Regular Rates To Chinese Businesses

Posted in China Travel

Interesting article in the International Herald Tribune [link no longer exists] on the worldwide expansion plans of the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts luxury hotel chain.  Shangri-La is based in Hong Kong, is majority controlled by the Kuok Group, founded by Malaysian billionaire Robert Kuok.  The Shangri-La group operates two brands: the five-star Shangri-La and the… Continue Reading

The Chinese Are Coming, Part IX — With NASDAQ Listings

Posted in China Business, Internet

Recent article on how China is now NASDAQ’s largest source of growth in new listings.  Mainland China companies now account for 29 of about 3,300 companies listed on NASDAQ, said the president of NASDAQ International, Charlotte Crosswell.  “The exchange also lists around 50 firms from Hong Kong, a Chinese special autonomous region, putting China third… Continue Reading

The Chinese Are Coming (FDI) — Part VI, Here’s Proof

Posted in China Business

We frequently blog about increased Foreign Direct Investment by Chinese companies.  Our first post on this dealt with this issue generally, while our subsequent posts (here, here, and here) described specific examples.  We now have statistical proof of China companies increasing their outbound investments as China’s Ministry of Commerce announced today that foreign investment by… Continue Reading

The Chinese Are Coming — Addendum

Posted in China Business

Two days ago, I talked about how we should expect to see more Chinese companies buying foreign assets. Today, China Confidential blogged regarding CNOOC‘s purchasing a 45% stake in a Nigerian oil field for approximately $2.3 billion. Though these sorts of deals by Chinese companies are not going to become a daily occurrence, we should… Continue Reading