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Judicial Reform In China And Its Impact On Foreign Investment

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By: Steve Dickinson The PRC State Council Information Office just published  a White Paper on Judicial Reform in China. The purpose of the White Paper is to provide a snapshot view of the progress of legal reform in China over the past ten years. Readers who are interested in the current state of the Chinese… Continue Reading

China’s Courts. “Utterly Worthless” Is Probably An Overstatement.

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In the early years of this blog, when discussing China’s court system, I would make it a point to emphasize that I was limiting my comments to how the courts handle business law matters. I did this for two reasons. One, my sense is that the quality of court handling of business cases is very… Continue Reading

Chinese Court Says “No” To Government — Applause Not Warranted

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The Chinese Law and Society Blog just did an interesting post, entitled Court said no to government [link no longer exists]. The post describes how a Ningbo Intermediate court overturned a lower court to hold that a local government acted illegally in “forcefully demolishing a resident’s house.” The post concludes by calling for “Thunderous Applause!” Thunderous… Continue Reading

Summer Cleaning Of China Courts

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In an article entitled, “China moves against local meddling in court cases,” The Peoples’ Daily reports that the Chinese government is increasing its efforts to prevent local party interference with Chinese courts.  A notice jointly issued by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of Communist Party of China, the Supreme People’s Court, and the Ministry… Continue Reading

The Yin And Yang And The Apples And Oranges On Chinese Courts

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About a week ago, we did a post touting the fairness of China’s courts, entitled, “China’s Courts are Fair.”  That post was based on Professor Tseming Yang’s (hence the “Yang” in my title — groan!) post on his Citizen Yang blog, entitled “Local Governments Lose 30-50% of Administrative Lawsuits,” noting “local [Chinese] governments lose an… Continue Reading

China’s Courts Are Fair

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Well not always, but more often than credited. In a recent post on the Citizen Yang Blog, entitled “Local Governments Lose 30-50% of Administrative Lawsuits,” Vermont Law School Professor Tseming Yang notes that “local governments lose an astonishing 30-50% of law suits in China.”  Most of these cases “involve land seizures, housing relocations, social security… Continue Reading

China Rises — The TV Show/”Food Is Heaven”

Posted in China Travel

I just watched two more episodes of the highly publicized new four part TV series, “China Rises.”  I the episode, “Food is Heaven,” which focused on the centrality of both the quality of food in Chinese culture and on the difficulty so many in China still have in just getting enough to eat. I also… Continue Reading