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Chart On Enforcing Judgments Around The World, Including China

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When it comes to enforcing US court judgments in China, the law has been clear and remains clear.  China won’t do it.  Not now.  Not later.  Maybe not ever. We are always writing on how because Chinese courts will not enforce US court judgments it is usually pointless to pursue litigation against a Chinese company… Continue Reading

Is China Emotionally Just Average?

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Clicked on a Washington Post article entitled, “A color-coded map of the world’s most and least emotional countries,” because it was showing as the most read WaPo article today.  The article contains the following map of “emotions”: The map reflects the results of Gallup surveys taken since 2009: Since 2009, the Gallup polling firm has… Continue Reading

Batman vs. Spider-Man vs. China Film Group

Posted in China Film Industry

This post is by Matthew Dresden, one of our China attorneys. Matthew is fluent in Chinese and also conversant in Thai. Before attending law school, Matthew spent eight years in Hollywood, as an independent filmmaker and as a production executive for Roger Corman’s Concorde-New Horizons Pictures.  Matthew now mixes his China law knowledge and his… Continue Reading

China Product Sourcing. Ten Things To Do To Get It Right.

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Renaud Anjoran at the always on the money Quality Inspection Tips Blog has a post, entitled, “The 10 components of a good quality assurance strategy in China,” that very nicely lays out what it takes to get good product from China. The post breaks out the ten components of effective China product sourcing into the… Continue Reading

Financing China Movie Co-Productions. Australian Producer Offsets Can Work.

Posted in China Film Industry

In my previous post, Aussiewood Film Finance And China Co-Productions. Ever The Twain Shall Meet?  I explained how a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of feature film production costs is available from the Australian government for films with “significant Australian content” if the producer incurred “qualifying Australian production expenditure” when making the film. This rebate… Continue Reading

The Apple-Proview China Trademark Litigation. It’s Gonna Settle. Bet On It.

Posted in Legal News

Bloomberg News just came out with a story, entitled, “China Court Encourages Apple, Proview to Settle Dispute,” describing the latest goings-on between Apple and Proview in their fight over the “iPad” name in China: A Chinese court is mediating talks between Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Proview Technology (Shenzhen) Co. in a bid to get the… Continue Reading

Bo Xilai’s Lessons For Your China Business

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By now just about everyone has a rough outline on the goings on surrounding Bo Xilai, Chonqing’s former power boss.  To grossly summarize: Xilai and his wife were very powerful. Businesses (including foreign businesses) were taken by Bo Xilai and his wife’s power and sought to ally with them. A British businessman, Neil Heywood, who… Continue Reading

Thinking Of Buying A China Stock? Read This.

Posted in China Business

Not saying all Chinese stocks are bad. Not at all. But I am saying that if you are going to buy Chinese stocks, you should at least familiarize yourself with the bizarre things that can (and too often do) go wrong with them. If you are thinking about buying a Chinese company stock, first read… Continue Reading

Ten Ted Talks On China

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Just was emailed a link to “10 Outstanding Ted Talks on China,” and though I myself have watched only a few of them, I am recommending them all based on the overall good quality of Ted Talks. Here are the ten, along with their summaries: Hans Rosling: Let my Dataset Change Your Mindset. The widely… Continue Reading

China NNN Agreements. Watching The Sausage Get Made.

Posted in Legal News

Probably more than any other agreement, there is a conception out there that it is just fine to use an off the shelf NDA Agreement when dealing with China. Wrong…. At least as much as with any other sort of agreement, it is critical to tailor your NNN Agreement (we call our NDA Agreements NNN… Continue Reading

The Definitive/Comprehensive Guide To Manufacturing In China. Yes, Definitive And Comprehensive.

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I just finished reading (most of it anyway) Bruce W. Mitchell’s book/tome, 13 Steps to Manufacturing in China. Shoot me if I don’t use the word “comprehensive” or some equivalent at least five times in this post. 13 Steps to Manufacturing in China is a comprehensive, soup to nuts break down of what needs to… Continue Reading

Selling Into China: The New Wave

Posted in China Business

By: Steve Dickinson The promise of China as a market for U.S. exports has always been one of the dreams of U.S. businessmen. What many U.S. companies now need to understand is that dream has already been realized. With little fanfare, China has become one of the major markets for U.S. imports. China is already… Continue Reading

Personal Liability For Failed China WFOEs: The Law And The Reality.

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By: Steve Dickinson The economic slowdown in North America and Europe has left many WFOEs in China with insufficient funds to continue their business activities. These WFOEs often have to suddenly shut down, leaving numerous unpaid debts. We have received a number of calls from worried general managers and directors concerning their personal liability in… Continue Reading

China Litigation And Case Acceptance

Posted in Legal News

Though my law firm has been involved in a number of China litigation matters, I was not familiar with how it is that Chinese courts decide what cases to accept.  I know a lot more now, after reading the Chinese Law Prof Blog’s post, “Case acceptance in Chinese courts.” First off, let me say that… Continue Reading

China IP Protection. Good Luck With That.

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One of the recurrent (sometimes underlying, sometimes explicit) themes of this blog is that if you combine best legal practices with best operational practices, you’ll do just fine in China. For the second time in the last few months, this proposition has taken a major hit. The first time was in “How To Achieve Problem… Continue Reading

Forming A China WOFE. Do It Right. Use A Good Accountant.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

Deleting old emails and came across this one, which I have greatly modified: I moved to China this year and set up a trading company based in Hong Kong. I have real confidence in an idea for a ________ service similar to what www.______.com provides. I feel that a similar service based in Shenzhen could… Continue Reading

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About China VIEs. The Transcript.

Posted in China Business, Internet, Legal News

On November 4, CLB’s own Steve Dickinson participated in an Internet discussion regarding Variable Interest Entities (VIEs) in China. The discussion was entitled, “Foreign Ownership in China: Still VIEable?” and the other participants were China Hearsay’s Stan Abrams (an attorney), China Accounting Blog’s Paul Gillis (an accountant), and China Finance Blog’s Fredrik Öqvist (a financial… Continue Reading

Bribe Paying Countries. China Is Second Worst.

Posted in China Business

Transparency International has just come out with a new ranking of bribe paying countries, entitled the 2011 Bribe Payers Index (h/t The Diplomat). This index “ranks 28 of the world’s largest economies according to the perceived likelihood of companies from these countries to pay bribes abroad. It is based on the views of business executives as… Continue Reading

Service In China. Good Luck With That.

Posted in China Business, China Travel

I love it when my wild assertions are proven right. I am always writing about how terrible the service is at China’s hotels and restaurants and I have often posited that service in China is the worst in the world. In “This Is China. I Laughed, I Cried,” I wrote about a blogger’s “Kafkaesque situation… Continue Reading

The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs. Laugh Out Loud Insight On China’s Factories.

Posted in China Business

Just got back from watching Mike Daisey’s one man play, “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” at the Seattle Repertory Theater.  It was an absolutely amazing show and I highly recommend it. It was hilarious, thought provoking and, near as I can tell, unfailingly accurate.  I cannot recommend it highly enough; it is truly… Continue Reading

Egypt, Libya, And China. Damn, But I TOLD YOU SO Two Years Ago!!!

Posted in Events

On June 4, 2009, I wrote a post bemoaning how the media always focuses on how China treats its citizens, but ignores far more brutal countries such as Egypt, Libya, and Yemen (among others). I entitled the post, “I’m Sorry, But US Hypocrisy On Human Rights Is Continuing Apace Under Obama. China Is Exhibit A”… Continue Reading

Is China Too Risky? Aon Says No.

Posted in China Business

Not quite sure why, but I have been writing a lot lately about the risks of operating a business in China. A few months ago, I did a post entitled China Is The Risk. I See Clouds and a few weeks ago I did a post entitled Secure And Insecure Countries. In Light Of Egypt. An Open Thread. Both… Continue Reading