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On Getting A Fixed Price From Your China Supplier. Don’t Bother?

Posted in China Business

Spoke with a US manufacturer the other day regarding the OEM Agreement we are working on for him. ┬áThis manufacturer has been manufacturing in China for about a decade and he quickly let me know that one of the things that drives him nuts is how his Chinese manufacturers “change prices” on him, no matter… Continue Reading

There Must Be Fifty Ways To Leave A Bad China Supplier.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

In a recent post by Renaud Anjoran, entitled, “Bad relationship with a Chinese supplier: just end it!” Renaud asks when a buyer of goods from a Chinese manufacturer should end its relationship with its Chinese supplier. I often wonder the same thing. Let me explain.  I often get called by buyers of Chinese product who… Continue Reading

I Hate Alibaba (The Website, Not The Company)

Posted in China Business, Internet

Just back from China (Hong Kong, actually), where I saw a television interview with Jack Ma of Alibaba. He never fails to impress the hell out of me and every time I see him my first thought is BUY. But then I think about all the harm Alibaba has caused to so many Western SMEs… Continue Reading