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China Poverty Is Way Down. I Say Kudos For That.

Posted in China Business

The trend these days is to focus on inequality and on the gini coefficient, which measures inequality, and then to mercilessly criticize China for its inequality. I have a problem with that.  I do not think that fair. Please allow me to digress for a moment. I am sometimes criticized for being to harsh on… Continue Reading

China’s Ghost Cities. No Worry No Cry.

Posted in China Business

I have always thought China’s ghost cities were overrated in terms of their economic importance/significance.  The anti-China crowd loves to point at them as proof of China’s inefficiencies and evidence of an eventual and certain economic downfall.  Yes, they do evidence inefficiencies, but so what?  Go to even the most well functioning economy and you… Continue Reading

China Econtracker: China Economic Data.

Posted in China Business

Just discovered a really cool economics site over at the Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Report. The site is called China Econtracker and it describes itself as “a vital resource for keeping track of developments in the world’s second largest economy.”  It is, and I recommend it for anyone who wants to keep track… Continue Reading

Employer Social Insurance In China. I See Foreign People. Part II.

Posted in China Business, Recommended Reading

I am a lawyer, not a policy wonk. This means I prefer dealing with the laws as written or at least as they exist, rather than how they might be. I also am not an HR Manager.  This means I find the whole social insurance for foreigners issue in China a colossal bore. Now I… Continue Reading