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China Product Sourcing Problems. Don’t Even Try To Blame It On A Subcontractor. Not Anymore.

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It seems like 90 percent or more of the time when a company gets defective product from their Chinese manufacturer, the manufacturer blames a subcontractor.  Now I know that in some of these cases there was no subcontractor and in many more of these cases, it was not the subcontractor’s fault.  But we have always… Continue Reading

China Product Sourcing Risk

Posted in China Business, Legal News

Every December, we get an even greater than normal number of phone calls from companies that have received bad product or no product at all and the past two weeks have been no exception.  And as is almost always the case, I blame the “victim.” I blame the victim because without exception, in every single… Continue Reading

China Product Sourcing. Ten Things To Do To Get It Right.

Posted in China Business

Renaud Anjoran at the always on the money Quality Inspection Tips Blog has a post, entitled, “The 10 components of a good quality assurance strategy in China,” that very nicely lays out what it takes to get good product from China. The post breaks out the ten components of effective China product sourcing into the… Continue Reading

On Choosing Your China Expert

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I constantly get e-mails from readers asking for “China expert” recommendations or just how to go about finding such a person. I do not think there is such a thing as a China expert and I would not recommend anyone who claims to being such a thing. Nobody who really knows China claims to be… Continue Reading