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China Product Outsourcing. How To Distinguish Between An Agent And A Manufacturer.

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Recently received an email from a US manufacturer with a link to a Global Sources article entitled, How to detect a trader from a manufacturer in China?  The email asked me the following:  Does it really matter whether we go with an agent (a/k/a trader/broker) or a manufacturer?  Is the information in this article accurate?  Is… Continue Reading

The Meaning Of Made In China

Posted in China Business

Interesting article by Reinhardt Krause in Investor’s Business Daily entitled, “China, Companies Have A Lot At Stake Over Major Recalls” [link no longer exists], on the recent rash of product safety problems coming out of China. The article starts out by stating that it is “mostly suppliers that knowingly cut corners to reap higher profits” who… Continue Reading

China Product Outsourcing Done Right: A Sort Of Guide

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Chang W. Lee of the New York Times, recently wrote a very informative article on China product quality, entitled, Toymaking in China, Mattel’s Way.  The article touts Mattel as a paragon of quality control in China and sets out what Mattel does to ensure the quality of its products from China. Early on, the article nicely… Continue Reading