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China Manufacturing Payment Terms. Limit Your Risks.

Posted in China Business

Many companies continue to purchase container load quantities of product from small manufacturers located on the southern coast of China. This trade has developed a standard form of payment, often termed 30/70 TT. This means: 30 percent down payment on placement of the order, with the remaining 70% due upon shipment. This means 30% of… Continue Reading

How To Source From China. The Kindle eBook.

Posted in China Business, Internet

I was recently referred to an Kindle Ebook on how to source from China. The eBook is called, “Find a Chinese Manufacturer: a guide to the ins and outs of sourcing from China” [link no longer exists]. It is written by M.Vancisin and it sells for $2.99, strictly as a Kindle eBook. The writer describes… Continue Reading

China Outsourcing. The Basics. But Don’t Just Trust Me….

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, Legal News

One of the things that drives me nuts is how some businesspeople act as though the laws in China are so unclear that either nobody knows how to do things right or that there is no point in even trying. But in so many areas of China business, there is a real uniformity of views among… Continue Reading

Emerging Market/China Outsourcing Issues. A Speech.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, Legal News

Last week, I gave an hour long talk before the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). My talk was entitled, “The Legal Myths, Realities, Traps and Benefits to Outsourcing to an Emerging Market,” but I should have called it everything you need to know about the law of outsourcing, crammed… Continue Reading

Toying With China

Posted in China Business

Brian Wingfield at Forbes Magazine has a story, entitled Toying With China on the recent Senate hearing on toy safety. Wingfield sees the hearing as “having less to do with safety concerns than with ongoing economic disputes with China.” I agree. Senator Sam Brownback (who not so coincidentally is running for President), told Nancy Nord, the… Continue Reading

Everyone Doing China Sourcing Is Stupid — NOT

Posted in China Business

In an article entitled, Is sourcing in China worth it? Businesses weigh the costs and benefits, in the wake of product recalls and bans, CNNmoney.com tells us that companies are now doing a cost benefit analysis before just up and having all of their goods made in China. As my ten year old would say, “duh.”… Continue Reading

David Scott Lewis’s China Perspective

Posted in Internet, Recommended Reading

David Scott Lewis is an experienced businessperson/techie, now with Startech Global’s Beijing Office in Tsinghua Pioneer Park. In this three part Sourcing Magazine series, Diane Schaffhauser extensively interviews Lewis on China and on technology in China. Part I, “Analyst David Scott Lewis Shares His China Perspective” is here, Part II, “Your China Strategy Development: Advice from… Continue Reading

China: Small Is The New Big, Part II

Posted in China Business

A recent San Diego Union Tribune article, entitled, Santee go-kart maker cuts costs with shop in China, but move still tricky, is a great example of how small manufacturers can thrive in China. The article’s theme is that China outsourcing is not just for big companies and its focus is on Electra Motorsports in Santee,… Continue Reading

Ten More Commandments For Westerners In China

Posted in China Business

I once wrote an article on the nine keys to controlling legal costs and improving legal services and I wrote another article on the four essential principles of emerging market success. Co-blogger, Steve Dickinson, wrote an article on the five basics for reducing risk with China outsourcing. Three articles and the two of us could… Continue Reading

Is China Ready To Be A Major Force In IT Outsourcing? — Yes And No

Posted in China Business

Just came across an interesting debate in Information Week’s Optimize Magazine on whether China is ready to become a major force in IT outsourcing.  The magazine asks the question and received “opposing” answers from the two professors questioned. Peter Williamson, a professor of Asian business and international management at INSEAD in Singapore answers,”no,” because a… Continue Reading

Guaranteed China Savings — With Fine Print And Caveats

Posted in China Business

The All Roads Lead to China Blog did an excellent post the other day, entitled, “Save Money in China GUARANTEED!”  Though I wholeheartedly concur with the advice, I must, as a China lawyer add some fine print. All Roads sets forth a nine fold path for guaranteed cost savings in China outsourcing, of which I… Continue Reading

China As Software Center — Give It Ten More Years

Posted in China Business

In a recent article, entitled, “China: The Next Software Center,” Leonard Liu, CEO of Augmentum, a Silicon Valley software services company with offices in Shanghai, states China is still years away from becoming a software outsourcing center. Liu notes that no Chinese company comes close to rivaling Indian outsourcing powerhouses like Wipro (WIT), Infosys (INFY),… Continue Reading

Designed In Raleigh, Made In China

Posted in China Business

The force behind the Pro Hip Hop Blog (a very well written and interesting read) e-mailed me a great article the other day from his local, North Carolina newspaper. The story is in the Independent Weekly, serving Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and it is entitled, “Designed in Raleigh, made in China? A… Continue Reading

China Outsourcing — Think Different And Think The Same

Posted in China Business, Internet

We recently did a post, entitled, “China Outsourcing For Small Businesses — Think Different,” encouraging companies to think about outsourcing projects to China.  We intended the post more to provoke thought than as a “how to,” but after two top China bloggers pointed out the risks involved in China outsourcing, we are reverting back to… Continue Reading

China Outsourcing For Small Businesses — Think Different

Posted in China Business, Internet

I realize the title is a bit ungrammatical, but like Apple Computer, I am using it for emphasis.  The Virtual China Blog had  great post the other day, entitled, “China’s virtual goods business booming,” on companies in Harbin, China, that create and sell computer gaming virtual characters.  The post consists in large part of a… Continue Reading

Go East — New IT Outsourcing Blog Does Just That

Posted in China Business, Internet

Just came across a week-old blog that shows much potential.  Called “Go East – Outsourcing to China,” it appears the thrust of this blog will be China outsourcing, mostly of the IT kind.  One of the great things I have found about reading other people’s China blogs is the knowledge of Internet resources the bloggers… Continue Reading