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China OEM Manufacturing. Deep Six The English?

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How many of you know what “deep six” means? How many of you have used equally difficult to comprehend slang/words when emailing with your Chinese manufacturer?  How many times has your Chinese manufacturer emailed you back to seek clarification of such words or of anything at all?  I am betting not often. I had a… Continue Reading

Five Tips For Doing Business In China. How To Partner In 2013.

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Just saw an Inc. Magazine article entitled, “How to Partner in China in 2013.”  The article makes a number of good basic points about what it takes to succeed in doing business in China today and I am saying that not just because I contributed two of them.  The article’s premise question is “How can… Continue Reading

China Manufacturing Agreements. Make Liquidated Damages Your Friend.

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One of the hallmarks of a good China OEM Contract is that it provides for very specific penalties if the Chinese manufacturer fails to abide by its crucial terms. These penalties will typically be in the form of a liquidated damages provision, which Wikipedia defines as follows: Liquidated damages (also referred to as liquidated and… Continue Reading

China Outsourcing. The Basics. But Don’t Just Trust Me….

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One of the things that drives me nuts is how some businesspeople act as though the laws in China are so unclear that either nobody knows how to do things right or that there is no point in even trying. But in so many areas of China business, there is a real uniformity of views among… Continue Reading

How To Protect Your Molds And Tooling In China.

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Twice this week I got calls from companies who were seeking my law firm’s assistance in getting their molds back from their former Chinese manufacturers and in both cases I had to tell them I did not think it worth their while to pursue their claims. My firm has been called about a dozen time… Continue Reading

China Outsourcing 101. Five Basics For Reducing Risk.

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The other day we did an extremely long post on the legal issues of outsourcing.  That post was based on an hour long speech I had just given at an International Association of Outsourcing Professionals meeting, so it was very, very long.  Since not everyone is going to read such a long post, I figure… Continue Reading

Sourcing From China. I Feel Happy, Oh So Happy.

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I admit it. The more depressing and violent and gritty the movie or the TV show, the more I like it.  And as a lawyer, I take perverse pleasure in using gruesome stories to scare people straight. At my last speaking event, I told of how my old law firm had lost its insider standing… Continue Reading

China OEM Agreements. Ten Things To Consider.

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Yesterday, our post of a slightly revised email on China’s employment law from Steve to one of our clients was a hit in that we received emails thanking us for having run it. So today, we are going to run another Steve to client email on an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) agreement we drafted, first… Continue Reading

China Tooling/China Consulting — I Told You So

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A couple days ago, we did a post, entitled, Your Mold Done Gone To China And It Ain’t Never Coming Back, stressing how those doing China OEM Agreements need good contracts to protect their production molds and tooling. Earlier today, we did a post, entitled, China Consultant: Protect Thyself, focusing on how China consultants without good contracts… Continue Reading